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Nano Labs Introduces NC2012 Nano Thermal Insulation Paint that Reduces Energy Costs

Published on 2012-11-26. Author : SpecialChem

DETROIT, MI -- Nano Labs Corp. announced the specifications, applications and overview of the NC2012, a proprietary patent-pending nano thermal insulation for the international residential housing construction market.

"Our tests indicate that our NC2012 nano thermal insulation paint is more effective, inexpensive, and more environmentally friendly than standard paints and coating materials currently in the market," said Nano Labs President, Mr. Bernardo Chavarria.

"The new nano coating can serve as an insulation to reduce energy costs -- particularly in hot and humid environments -- protecting against overheating, corrosion, microbial growth, some toxic substances, acid rain, rust, water, and oxidization, as well as ultraviolet rays harmful to structural materials over time. It may be directly applied to virtually any surface, from wood to metal, often without the need to remove existing coatings. It neither emits nor retains odors. And it is affordable," Mr. Chavarria explained.

As an example of the kind of impact the NC2012 nano coating may hold for energy savings in residential homes, Mr. Chavarria cited tests showing potentially dramatic savings in air-conditioning costs when NC2012 is applied as an exterior coating to roofs and walls. As a 'radiant barrier,' it has the potential to change the rate of heat transfer by reflecting the solar radiation that would otherwise be absorbed by the material underneath the coated surface. As a result, the nano coating could reduce air-conditioning-related costs by as much as 50%.

Nano Paint (NC2012) Product Overview

NC2012 is an insulating coating nanotechnology highlighting very low thermal conductivity. The coating isolates temperatures outside of structures for the maintenance of pleasant inside temperatures, and it offers considerable energy savings. The coating is an excellent waterproof protectant and fire retardant as well.

NC2012 Benefits

  • Protects from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays (IR)
  • Protects from acid rain
  • Prevents the formation of fungi and bacteria
  • Auto-wash properties with rain, keeping a shimmering white color
  • Non-flammable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces corrosion and oxidation
  • Can be applied on almost any surface

Energy Saving Features

NC2012 reduces transmission of temperatures through the coated elements. It has a coefficient of thermal conductivity of K = 0.059 BTU / HR., which ensures coverage of a temperature spread of up to 18° Celsius, depending on the material to which the coating is applied. Even under the most extreme sunlight conditions, the coating can create a comfortable living environment.

Reflection of ultraviolet rays

Through its design formula and white coloration, NC2012 reflects 82% of UV rays, which results in a significant temperature differential. This property helps to prevent expansion and contraction of coated materials, preventing cracks in cement or concrete, and structural problems on metal surfaces.


NC2012 is a water repellent that does not allow water infiltration, or corrosion and rusting of the body covered, giving longer life.

Maintenance-free "10-Year Warranty"

NC2012 is maintenance free. Thanks to its waterproof and adhesive properties, it does not allow for detachment from surfaces, creating constant savings in maintenance costs.

NC2012 Product Specifications

Applied with an airless sprayer, surfaces must be cleaned, dry and free of grease, dirt solvents, etc. The coating is applied directly to the surface. Each coat should be applied 70 microns in thickness with 8 hours dry time between coats. The application temperature range is between 10°C to 80°C, and can be applied directly to exterior and interior surfaces, and can be used in high humidity environments.

NC2012 Physical and Chemical Specifications

Toxicity Non-Toxic
Flammability Self-Extinguishing
Water absorption 0.04%
Reflection UV rays 82%
Growth of fungi Nil
Acid environment resistance Great
Alkaline environment resistance Excellent
Salt spray resistance Excellent
Weight (2 mm) 0.28 kg/m2
Density 125 KG/MTS3
Thermal conductivity K = 0.059 BTU / HR
Flexibility 500%
Recommended thickness 10 A 15 (mils)
Emulsifier Water
Adhesion Excellent
Weathering tensile More than 23,000 cycles
Asbestos content None
Impermeability Excellent
Thermal shock Does not crack

"From thermal conductivity, fireproofing, and density -- to cohesion, solar absorption, and thermal shock -- the new nano coating demonstrates properties signaling very promising to the residential housing market," Mr. Chavarria stated. "We feel our product is one-of-a-kind, and we look forward to rolling it out in North America with key distributors in the coming weeks."

About Nano Labs Corp.

Nano Labs Corp. (CTLE) is a nanotechnology research and development company which began during October 2012, but is able to access resources that encompass nearly 30 years of research and development in nanotechnology as well as hundreds of peer-reviewed and published research papers and other scholarly material. The Company's research and development team of scientists, designers, and engineers is focused on creating a portfolio of advanced products that could provide benefits to a variety of industries including: (i) consumer products, (ii) energy, (iii) materials, and (iv) healthcare. Through the use and integration of proprietary nano compounds, their goal is to evolve common products into new, revolutionary products in order to make the world a better place.

Forward looking statements:
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