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Momentive Announces the Launch of its Latest and Extensive SilFORT Line of Hardcoat Products

Published on 2012-03-08. Author : SpecialChem

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Momentive Performance Materials Inc., a leading global provider of silicones and advanced materials, announced that its extensive line of hardcoat products will be marketed under the new brand name SilFORT, effective immediately. The SilFORT portfolio of more than 20 products represents nearly two decades of advanced, patent-protected hardcoat technology developed by Momentive to enable the use of polymeric materials in demanding industrial and consumer applications.

"SilFORT hardcoats offer manufacturers the ability to replace glass and metal with polymeric substrates in applications where there is constant exposure to the elements, such as in automotive and architecture, or to the potential for excessive wear and tear, such as mobile devices," said Sandip Tyagi, Global Marketing Director Hardcoats, Momentive Performance Materials. "They open the door to the expanded use of polymeric materials, which are valued for their strength while being light in weight, easy to process and flexible in design. The use of plastics in demanding exterior applications is limited unless hardcoats are applied to protect against abrasion and UV exposure."

SilFORT products are excellent candidates to consider for extending the long-term exterior durability and performance of polymers. They can help polymeric materials maintain their color, gloss, light transmission and physical properties while enhancing their weatherability and resistance to abrasion, chemicals and solvents.

Momentive works with some of the most established brands in the transportation, consumer electronics and architectural sectors to solve a variety of design and engineering issues as well as contribute to important product attributes, such as weight reduction, safety and energy efficiency. This includes not only determining the right product solution, but also developing the application process for helping customers achieve optimal performance.

About Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is a global leader in silicones and advanced materials, with a 70+ year heritage of being first to market with performance applications for major industries that support and improve everyday life. The company delivers science-based solutions, by linking custom technology platforms to opportunities for customers. Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is an indirect whollyowned subsidiary of Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC.

About Momentive

Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC is the ultimate parent company of Momentive Performance Materials Inc. and Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. (collectively, "Momentive"). Momentive is a global leader in specialty chemicals and materials, with a broad range of advanced specialty products that help industrial and consumer companies support and improve everyday life. The company uses its technology portfolio to deliver tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers around the world. Momentive was formed in October 2010 through the combination of entities that indirectly owned Momentive Performance Materials Inc. and Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc. The capital structures and legal entity structures of both Momentive Performance Materials Inc. and Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. (formerly known as Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc.), and their respective subsidiaries and direct parent companies, remain separate. Momentive Performance Materials Inc. and Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. file separate financial and other reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Momentive is controlled by investment funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management, LLC.

Source: Momentive

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