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MOBIHEL for the first time in USA

Published on 2007-12-11. Author : SpecialChem

In HELIOS programme of car refinishing coatings MOBIHEL in the recent years the team is intensively working for the expansion of markets portfolio. HELIOS have been selling products already in 43 markets.

In expansion an important stress was put on obtaining new markets, which still use solvents-based system. In this way we wish to keep the production level and sale of the solvents-based system. In this year we started with a successful marketing of our MOBIHEL products in Turkey and the South African Republic (this is also the logistics base for the complete South Africa). Our next goal are the USA.

As the USA with 200 million inhabitants are a too large market to do only by a correspondence and without suitable contacts, we decided to present ourselves at the fair. The fair, which covers practically the complete Nord and Central America in the area of automotive aftermarket is NACE.

At the traditional 25th fair NACE in Las Vegas MOBIHEL products were exhibited on 20 square metre of exhibition space under the slogan Brand New. Las Vegas is one of the larger fair centres in the USA. There are two fair grounds, which are practically occupied throughout the year. The fair is known for the numerous visits by the professional public, which was interested this year in HYDRO systems, that will be in the next year prescribed by the federal state California. For us particularly WD were important (Warehouse distribution - these are the specialized wholesale traders, who sell car refinishing coatings - according to the European system of distribution we would call them importers and JOBBERs (distributors, who market the complete spectrum of materials for varnishers' workshops).

The first fair day already showed that we entered into a different business environment. It is a custom at fairs in the USA that only the professional public participates in the fair and is registered at the entry with its data on the card. Using this card the data are through a scanner transferred to the exhibitor. The detailed business discussions are rare.

For the duration of the fair the participants from Helios (Mr. Peter Zupan, Mr. Gregor Vodlan and Ms. Irena Tavc(ar) set up many contacts. Two WDs were extremely interested (New York and Oregon). We have established that we can sell to this demanding market. In the market all competitors from Europe are namely present (it is interesting that also the specialists for sub-materials). In the next weeks we shall check our base of formulations for the USA (Dodge, GM, Chrysler) supplement it and add some commercial solutions.

Source: HELIOS

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