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MicroPhase Coatings Patents Antifouling Coating Composition

Published on 2004-06-04. Author : SpecialChem

Patent no. U.S. 6,559,201 B2

MicroPhase Coatings, Inc., has been granted a patent for a unique antifouling composition for marine applications. The coating is comprised of a glassy matrix formed by crosslinking a mixture of a silanol-terminated silicone and an alkoxy functionalized siloxane to provide an interpenetrating polymer network of glass and silicone and at least two materials capable of microphase separation, at least one of which is graftable to the glass matrix.

In related activities, MicroPhase is releasing a new foul release system "PhaseCoat SS" for field evaluations this month. This material is specifically designed for increased durability over currently available technologies. PhaseCoat SS is intended for uses on marine outdrive assemblies.

MicroPhase Coatings is a provider of innovative coating technology solutions for the Marine, Industrial Maintenance and Aerospace industries. For more information visit www.microphasecoatings.com.

Source: Microphase Coatings

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