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Merck to Present Effect Pigments for Automotive & Architectural Coatings at ACS 2012

Published on 2012-04-30. Author : SpecialChem

DARMSTADT, Germany -- "Breathing Life into Colors with Effects" is the theme Merck will be using to present its effect pigments at the American Coatings Show from May 8 to 10, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA). Special focus will be placed on Xirallic® effect pigments for aesthetically demanding automotive coatings and on architectural applications. Merck is exhibiting at the largest coatings show in North America in order to present its innovations and color trends to an international audience of experts.

Shane Dreher, Director of Marketing and Technical Services at EMD Chemicals, a subsidiary of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, says, "At the Merck exhibition stand, coatings producers, color experts and architects will see stylings of Xirallic® as well as Colorstream® and Pyrisma® in the latest color trends and effects and have the opportunity to gain inspiration for the automotive, architecture, interior design and lifestyle sectors. In addition, visitors to the exhibition can consult our leading experts for advice on all pigment applications."

Enlivening Effects for Automotive Paints, Architecture and Lifestyle Products

Xirallic® effect pigments - a noble sparkle

With their pronounced sparkle effect and color intensity, Xirallic® pigments have revolutionized the automotive coatings industry. The breadth of Xirallic® effect coatings will be illustrated using car shapes featuring Xirallic® T61-10 Micro Silver to demonstrate Merck's expertise in three-coat pearl white stylings in addition to several other high chroma colors. Owing to their fine particle size and narrow particle size distribution, they are ideally suited for use in automotive coatings. Xirallic® effect pigments, which are alumina-based, have excellent reflection and refraction properties.

Pyrisma® effect pigments - versatile in use

Pyrisma® is the brand name of a new generation of effect pigments based on natural mica. These "High Performance Pearl Effect Pigments" encompass two product lines: Pyrisma® Color Space pigments and Pyrisma® custom pearl pigments. The custom pearl pigment Pyrisma® Liquid Blue can be seen on several panels demonstrating unlimited styling possibilities for intense blue shade with a silky-smooth texture. The eight Pyrisma® Color Space pigments stand out because of their incomparable color saturation. Pyrisma® effect pigments can be used in automotive, plastic coatings and architectural applications.

Colorstream® effect pigments - fascinating vividness

Colorstream® multicolor effect pigments stand out due to their continuous change from one color to the next, illustrated at the show by formed coil coated panels. They demonstrate the angle-dependent color travel that characterizes Colorstream® and gives cars and buildings a captivating visual appeal, attracting attention in subtle way.

Iriodin® effect pigments - that silky shimmer

A must-see attraction at the exhibition stand is an antique car with an Iriodin® coating. The silky-shimmer of the Iriodin® effect pigment breathes new life into the 1959 Chrysler Imperial.

Functional Pigments for Flooring and Conductive Primer

Minatec® pigments - for an antistatic effect

The Minatec® product family stands for functional pigments for manufacturing light-colored coatings with conductive properties. A floor sample at the exhibition stand will show a translucent coating for antistatic flooring formulated with Minatec® 51 CM. Visitors to the American Coatings Show 2012 can find out more in Hall H - Booth # 800.

About Merck Pigments

Merck Pigments is one of the world's leading suppliers of effect pigments for the coatings, plastics, printing, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. Effect pigments underscore the emotional impact of color and are an important design element when creating surfaces with special impressions or qualities. Application possibilities range from cars to packaging and high-tech products up to building facades. In addition to decorative effect pigments, Merck offers pigments that also have functional applications such as heat-reflecting or anti-counterfeiting pigments.

Source: Merck

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