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Matthews 3.5 VOC Etch Primer Goes Chromate-Free

Published on 2010-04-15. Author : SpecialChem

DELAWARE, OH -- Matthews Paint has reformulated an etch primer to comply with a new federal regulation regarding the use of five heavy metals that will go into effect January 2011.

Designed for direct-to-metal surface application for aluminum and steel, the two-component 3.5 VOC Non-Chromate Etch Primer (74350SP/74351SP) etches itself into the surface to provide outstanding paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. This strong anti-corrosive pre-treatment is similar to the former etch primer and hardener, 74770SP/74766SP, providing the same quality but without the heavy metals and meeting 3.5 VOC limits.

Saving on product usage, the primer only requires one coat. It is ideal for applications that require no surface filling. Its drying time is fast, as the top coat should be applied at or just before 60 minutes. The mix ratio is 1 gallon of each component, equal parts primer and hardener. It is best sprayed through a 1.4-1.8 tip gun and can be directly coated with Matthews topcoats. One ready-to-spray gallon has theoretical coverage of 308 square feet at 1 mil dry film thickness. The two-component primer is immediately available in gallon containers.

About Matthews Paint:

For more than 75 years, Matthews Paint has manufactured the highest quality industrial coatings for their customers. As a major supplier to the architectural signage industry, Matthews Paint works with fabricators, designers and architects in coating technologies and color development including a library expanding to more than 70,000 colors. With the introduction of the new MAP-LV series, Matthews Paint continues to lead the industry with environmentally-minded products while maintaining high standards of performance.

Source: Matthews Paint

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