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MAP® Ultra Low VOC Paint Delivers The Best Of Both Worlds!

Published on 2010-04-14. Author : SpecialChem

DELAWARE, OH -- Continuing their tradition of making ultraviolet and weatherresistant coatings, Matthews Paint reduced the environmental impact of their sign paint to rival that of water-based paints. MAP® Ultra Low VOC (MAP-LV) is formulated to deliver less than 50 g/L (0.4172 lbs/gal) VOC in standard solid color applications. The eco-friendly aspect of this new product line combined with greater durability, gloss retention and hiding than standard acrylic polyurethane paints truly delivers the best of both worlds.

MAP-LV features a flexible but hard film base to accommodate expansion and contraction due to weather. When compared to the typical conventional industrial-grade polyurethanes, MAP-LV showed twice the impact resistance in direct and reverse impact testing as well as 25% better gloss retention. Maximum pigment volume content provides the best possible hiding, and maximum paint usage applied per pass contributes to excellent coverage characteristics. "The result is less paint being used and more efficient use of product per job," stated Jan Scheske, Manager, Marketing and Customer Service at Matthews Paint.

All of the existing formulas used for Matthews Paint will be available for the new MAP-LV through the online Color Retrieval System. The mix ratio for the MAP-LV will be the same 3:1:1 mix ratio as the other Matthews Paint lines (3 parts mixed color, 1 part catalyst and 1 part spray reducer). For fabricators who need the paint to dry faster, MAP-LV is air dry or force-dry capable. Additionally, this new paint can be brushed or rolled without any additional additives required. Using appropriate primers, MAP-LV has been successfully tested with most substrates. MAP-LV sets the benchmark for low-VOC, high-performance polyurethane paints.

About Matthews Paint:

For more than 75 years, Matthews Paint has manufactured the highest quality industrial coatings for their customers. As a major supplier to the architectural signage industry, Matthews Paint works with fabricators, designers and architects in coating technologies and color development including a library expanding to more than 70,000 colors. With the introduction of the new MAP-LV series, Matthews Paint continues to lead the industry with environmentally-minded products while maintaining high standards of performance.

Source: Matthews Paint

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