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Lygos and Sirrus Partner to Synthesize Methylene Malonates Using Renewable Bio-DEM

Published on 2016-05-11. Author : SpecialChem

EMERYVILLE, Calif. and LOVELAND, Ohio -- Lygos and Sirrus jointly announces that Sirrus has successfully synthesized its Chemilian™ 1,1 di-substituted alkenes using Lygos' "bio-DEM." This marks the first known synthesis and purification of this breakthrough class of monomers using bio-based malonate esters at laboratory scale. The Sirrus class of monomers presents a broad range of unique properties for various industries that the company believes may drive large volume demand for bio-derived malonate esters.

Fig. 1: Lygos and Sirrus Partner to Synthesize Methylene Malonates Using Lygos' Renewable Bio-DEM

Our success in synthesizing methylene malonates from Lygos' renewable bio-DEM demonstrates our belief that a renewable supply chain will be valued by our partners and customers," said Sirrus CEO Jeff Uhrig. "We are excited about working with Lygos to build on this success with pilot scale testing that, if successful, could lead to renewable product introduction in 2017."

"We're pleased be working with an innovative company like Sirrus, which shares our vision of a future in which petrochemicals are replaced by green chemicals. We look forward to delivering more bio-DEM to Sirrus in the future," commented Lygos' CEO, Eric Steen.

About Lygos

Lygos engineers yeast to ferment sugar into high-value industrial chemicals. Lygos applies biochemistry to develop fine chemical manufacturing processes cost-advantaged over petrochemical technologies. Lygos' first family of products are malonic acid and its derivative esters dimethyl malonate and diethyl malonate.

About Sirrus

Sirrus advances manufacturing technology through chemistry. Sirrus' 1,1 dicarbonyl substituted alkenes, known as Chemilian™ and Forza™, provide the foundation to meet customers' needs via tunable physical properties and fast cure speeds at ambient temperatures. Benefits include cycle time reduction, energy savings, and new material selection in a broad range of customer and consumer applications, including automotive, building and construction, electronics, packaging and hygiene.

Source: Lygos

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