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Lubrizol Announces Eddy Guard II Antimicrobial Coating for Steel Pipe Proven Chemically Compatible with Piping Systems

Published on 2011-05-24. Author : SpecialChem

CLEVELAND -- The Lubrizol Corporation announces that Bull Moose Tube Company's Eddy Guard II antimicrobial coating for black steel fire sprinkler pipe has proven to be chemically compatible with FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster® and Corzan® CPVC piping systems and, therefore, qualifies for inclusion in the FBC™ System Compatible Program.

All Bull Moose Tube's Eddy Pipe brand sprinkler pipe are protected with Eddy Guard II, a factory-applied coating designed to provide black steel fire sprinkler pipe with additional protection from microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). The Eddy Guard II antimicrobial coating has passed rigorous testing to provide added peace of mind regarding its chemical compatibility with Lubrizol's brands of CPVC.

"Our goal has been to offer the market a number of proven-compatible options for antimicrobial-coated steel pipe," says Jenny Baker, marketing specialist of the FBC System Compatible Program. "Contractors, as well as building owners, need to feel secure when installing our brands of CPVC pipe and fittings on the same site where coated steel pipe is also being installed. With the addition of Eddy Guard II antimicrobial coating to our long list of other proven-compatible products, we are effectively creating another viable alternative."

The FBC System Compatible Program is designed to test and monitor ancillary products on an ongoing basis to ensure chemical compatibility with FlowGuard Gold, BlazeMaster and Corzan CPVC piping systems. All designated products qualify for the program by undergoing rigorous testing, which assures the product will not fail as a result of chemical incompatibility. Manufacturers of the products commit to maintain necessary quality and not to change the chemical composition of the product. Because CPVC products are made with base resins having different molecular weights and varying chlorine contents and compound additives, the FBC System Compatible Program can verify chemical compatibility only with the products with which they have been tested.

Products in the program display the FBC System Compatible mark on their labels. This mark quickly assures installers that the product is chemically compatible with FlowGuard Gold, BlazeMaster and Corzan CPVC products. Only manufacturers that have passed these specific chemical compatibility tests are able to place the FBC System Compatible mark on their product labels. Product manufacturers agree to not change the formulation of the products accepted into the System Compatible Program without advance written notice and to submit the products to periodic testing to ensure the product remains chemically compatible.

The FBC System Compatible Program is the only known program of its kind in the industry designed to increase user confidence and help eliminate the guesswork about which products are chemically compatible. The program is in active use in the United States, Canada, Mexico, 25 European countries, the United Arab Emirates, India and China.

About Lubrizol Corporation

The Lubrizol Corporation is an innovative specialty chemical company that produces and supplies technologies to customers in the global transportation, industrial and consumer markets. These technologies include lubricant additives for engine oils, other transportation-related fluids and industrial lubricants, as well as fuel additives for gasoline and diesel fuel. In addition, Lubrizol makes ingredients and additives for personal care products and pharmaceuticals; specialty materials, including plastics technology and performance coatings in the form of specialty resins and additives. Lubrizol's industry-leading technologies in additives, ingredients and compounds enhance the quality, performance and value of customers' products, while reducing their environmental impact. With headquarters in Wickliffe, Ohio, The Lubrizol Corporation owns and operates manufacturing facilities in 17 countries, as well as sales and technical offices around the world. Founded in 1928, Lubrizol has approximately 7,000 employees worldwide. Revenues for 2010 were $5.4 billion.

Source: Lubrizol Corporation

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