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LITEONMOBILE's Easy-to-Clean Coatings

Published on 2010-11-17. Author : SpecialChem

LITEONMOBILE is the first to bring to market 2nd generation coatings which help prevent fingerprints and other dirt from appearing on the covers. Prevent? Yes, this coating actually makes the surface such that you don't have to polish it every now and then.

2nd Generation Coatings for Metals

If any small impurities do appear, they are easy to wipe off the coated surfaces. This new coating especially developed for metals lasts longer and is also suitable for the high gloss surface of any size of stainless steel parts. Because the coating is so thin, the substrate retains its metallic feel.

The easy-to-clean coating for metals is applied after PVD coating. It does not have any rainbow effect, and it is more durable than the previous solutions. It has undergone thorough wear-and-tear tests, and passed with flying colours. LITEONMOBILE has its own low-pressure chambers in Guangzhou, China. Metal and glass parts can be put through this simple coating process.

LOM Metals R&D Manager Jukka Hyvärinen forecasts that anti-fingerprint coatings will be used more and more often in all kinds of handheld devices.

A polished-looking surface is dashing and trendy, and it should look shiny without a lot of effort from the user.

Anti-fingerprint coating for plastics and glass

Plastic and glass parts can also be given a high-gloss, easy-to-clean coating. Even though the costs may be one fifth higher, there will be less process steps, which brings cost efficiency.

LITEONMOBILE sprayable easy-to-clean plastic coatings can be applied in India, China, Mexico and Brazil. The spraying is done on LOM painting lines with UV curing capability. All visual surfaces can be coated, e.g. battery covers, windows with a large visual surface and NCVM parts.


LITEONMOBILE provides design driven, technologically innovative solutions for mobile handsets. They integrate the know-how, expertise and experience of Perlos, Silitech and Lite-On to offer the customers a comprehensive selection of commodities and services. With more than 30 years of experience, 15 manufacturing plants, a strong local presence in all major markets and a deep insight into market needs, they have the competence, capability and capacity to serve all.


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