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Libya (Sabha) Maintenance Projects use Jotashield

Published on 2007-06-11. Author : SpecialChem

Sabha is the main city in southern Libya with an intensive government programme to maintain old buildings.

The first Jotun Multicolor centre (MCC) in Sabha was opened in May 2005, and within one year most of the government buildings and private villas have been painted with Jotashield.

The before and after pictures

The outstanding performance of Jotashield and the wide range of colours were the foundations for approving Jotashield as the 1st alternative for the complete maintenance of the city. What also helped was the media campaign for Jotashield on TV and in print during the time the government committee was deciding on the paint to be used. The Chief of the Committee even mentioned viewing the Jotashield TV commercial on Al Jazeera a day before.

There was competition with other paint suppliers like Al Madina, Pachin and GLC. One product was approved based on Industrial Research Analysis; however Jotun has the MC advantage since the selected colours were from our exterior colour range.

The project committee approved nine Jotun colours and this bagged 80 per cent of the project. Jotun paints were used in 500 buildings out of 600 for the first stage of the project. Jotun are eager to secure the second stage which is expected to be painted within this year.

Source: Jotun

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