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Latest Series of Top Gear Features a Number of Zircotec Coated Cars

Published on 2011-01-28. Author : SpecialChem

The 1st episode of the latest series (Series 16) of Top Gear features a number of Zircotec coated cars. The programme can be viewed via BBC i-player up to 20th March 2011.

Zircotec coating on Ariel Atom

First the newly launched Aerial Atom V8 is driven around the Top Gear track by James May. The Atom is then put through its paces by the new Stig to produce a lap time more than 1 sec. faster than the Bugatti Vehron taking the Atom to the top of the lap time board. Supercar manufacturer Ariel specifies Zircotec's ceramic exhaust coating to facilitate heat management, and opted for Zircotec's Performance Colours™ coatings, since the range offers the ultimate in heat management coupled with highly aesthetic qualities that suit a car like the Atom V8. Specified by Ariel to ensure the exposed and visible exhaust system maintains its beauty and continues to complement the colour of the chassis, the plasma-sprayed Zircotec coating also protects against heat transfer generated by the 500bhp, three litre V8 engine.

The Atom is raced alongside another car that has a Zircotec coating as standard - the Lamborghini Gallardo SV.

In this case the use of Zircotec's proprietary Diamond Black™ ceramic coating on the car's tailpipe assemblies has allowed Lamborghini to increase the carbon composite content on the car to reduce weight and at the same time improve vehicle presentation. The coating helps to prevent exhaust heat escaping from the tailpipe, and this has allowed Lamborghini to adopt a more lightweight composite bodywork that contributes to an overall 70kg weight saving.

Lamborghini with Zircotec Coating

The show then features the Jaguar C-X75 Concept car. The rear diffuser of the C-X75 is protected from heat by the use of Zircotec's proprietary zirconia-molybdenum coating.

The C-X75 Concept can reach top speeds of up to 205 mph and from nought to 62 mph it takes just 3.4 seconds. When running on just electricity it can cover 68 mph. When the turbine engines kick in (which act like range extenders), the car can cover as much as 560 miles. With an intake of 35,000 litres of air per minute the car produces significant quantities of hot exhaust gas which is routed over a Zircotec coated carbon composite rear diffuser to aid downforce.

About Zircotec

Zircotec offers a wide range of plasma sprayed ceramic and metallic coatings that protect components against the effects of heat, wear, abrasion and corrosion. Lightweight and easily packaged, Zircotec's technologies can be applied to a broad range of different materials including metals and composites. Proven in F1 and the nuclear industry, the technology is now trusted by car manufacturers, industrial users, car enthusiasts and an increasing range of other applications to effectively manage heat and wear, enhancing performance and reliability.

Source: Zircotec

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