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Kyzen to Participate in Industrial Workshop on Conformal Coating Processes

Published on 2010-09-24. Author : SpecialChem

NASHVILLE -- Kyzen, the world leading provider of environmentally responsible precision cleaning products for electronics and high-technology manufacturing operations announces that it is to participate in the Industrial Workshop on Conformal Coating in Deurne, the Netherlands 16-18th November 2010.

The subject of the presentation that Kyzen is to co-present is entitled "Cleaning Before Coating (Chemical Related)" The workshop will be a combination of theory and practice giving a better understanding of the complete process of coating electronic assemblies.

Industry Workshops is an organization that is focused on organizing seminars and workshops with various subjects mainly dedicated to the SMT- and SMT related industry. The seminars and workshops are technology driven and make use of know-how within the industry. Because of the links to the industry, Industry Workshops are always capable of presenting the latest developments and trends within the industry to back up the production demands.

Cleaning, design requirements, coating, application methods, reliability, inspection and quality control will be extensively discussed. Leading speakers within the industry will be provided the latest update on specific subjects during separate seminar sessions. During the workshop a full production line will be producing a typical test board that has been designed as such to point out all areas of attention.

The workshop gives participants access to the knowledge base of 15 leading suppliers to the electronics assembly. These companies will share their extensive experience making the workshop an invaluable, must-attend event!

The International Conformal Coating Workshop will take three days. Each day will have the same content. The event only takes three days to allow enough visitors to attend the workshop.

Conformal Coating Workshop topics:

  • Clean or No Clean?
  • Cleaning before coating
  • Coating Material Options
  • Coating Application
  • Cost of coating assemblies
  • Testing & Evaluation of Coatings
  • Correct design for coating
  • Masking options and methods
  • Inspection & Quality Control of Coating
  • In-house or Contracting Services
  • Rework & repair of assemblies

Kyzen, together with other cleaning material suppliers, will cover the subject of the importance of having a clean surface prior to conformal coating and how to achieve an acceptable level of cleanliness. Items such as choice of chemistry and cleaning process and what is clean will be covered.

This workshop is ideally suited for design, production and quality engineers looking at future technology and maintaining a company technology roadmap. It’s vital to subcontractors to be up-to-date with new technology and its possible implementation along with material and equipment requirements for future customers.

About Kyzen:

Kyzen is a leading supplier of precision cleaning chemistries to the worldwide electronics, metal finishing, medical, semiconductor, and optical industries. Founded in 1990, Kyzen offers superior cleaning chemistries, technical support, application and analytical services throughout the world. Kyzen has won numerous industry awards for their exceptional products and all products are RoHS compliant.

Source: Kyzen

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