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Kuraray Completes Construction of PVA Resin Plant in U.S.

Published on 2016-04-22. Author : SpecialChem

Kuraray Co. announces its local U.S. subsidiary Kuraray America, Inc. (located in Texas) has completed construction of a new polyvinyl alcohol (“PVA”) resin plant.

Fig. 1: Kuraray Completes Construction of PVA Resin
Plant in U.S.

Features of the New Plant

• The new plant is in line with the Kuraray Group’s efforts to promote the global expansion of its core vinyl acetate-related business.

• The plant joins other Group concerns centered on PVA resins, including production bases in Japan, Singapore and Europe (Germany). The Group secured its first U.S. PVA resin (ELVANOL) plant in June 2014 through the acquisition of DuPont’s vinyl acetate-related business.

• The new U.S. plant is capable of integrated manufacturing from dealing with the raw material vinyl acetate monomer to creating finished products and is highly cost competitive owing to its ability to use shale gas and other inexpensive raw materials and fuels.

• In addition, the plant is capable applying Kuraray production techniques to produce differentiated products like EXCEVAL.

• This plant and the ELVANOL plant, both U.S.-based, are part of an optimized PVA resin production system spanning four key global regions that Kuraray has established to ensure the stable supply of high-quality products around the globe.

• The plant will play a key role in Kuraray’s unswerving commitment to developing markets in North America and Central and South America.

Overview of the New PVA Resin Plant

Location: Bayport Industrial District, Harris County, Texas, U.S.A.
Production capacity: 40,000 tons annually in Phase I
Capital investment: Approximately USD 300 million

About Kuraray

Kuraray was founded in 1926 for the purpose of commercializing synthetic rayon, which was cutting edge technology at the time. In 1950 during the post-World War II period, as Japan's first domestic producer of synthetic fiber based on original Japanese technologies

Source: Kuraray

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