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Kriya Materials Expands Production Capacity for Optical Clear Functional Coatings

Published on 2014-02-12. Author : SpecialChem

GELEEN, The Netherlands -- The Netherlands based company Kriya Materials already boosted a significant production capacity both for its in-house synthesized Nanoparticles as well as for its custom formulated functional coatings thereof, but in 2012 it became eminent that further expansion was needed to stay ahead of market demand.

With a strong focus on optical clear functional coatings the company is now able to provide enough coating for more than 100.000.000m2 of to be coated surfaces annually. These coatings provide functionalities such as anti-static, anti-fouling, infrared absorbance, high or low refractive index, and various others, next to being scratch resistant and of high optical quality.

The company's products are used for displays and other electronic devices, and touched by millions of end customers each day. The company is currently expanding to markets outside the electronic devices both in Europe and Asia. It's determined to bring its functional coatings to other substrates, either in the wood, steel, glass or adjacent markets.

The companies Nano particle developments work as a flywheel; starting the development of a single unique Nano particle leads to a range of functionalities the particle may offer in a coating.

After first successful introducing these to its core target market the company shifts to adjacent markets to expand beyond their initial scope. One initial development usually leads to a number of functionalities, each offering unique benefits to customers in a range of markets.

About Kriya Materials

Kriya Materials, founded in 2006, is one of the few backward integrated nanotech enabled coating companies worldwide. Kriya Materials is able to synthesize their own Nano particles, functionalize these and incorporate these into custom made coatings fulfilling end market and processing related prerequisites.

Source: Kriya Materials

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