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KIEFEL-WINTECH winders on a successful path / Innovative KIRION® MDO module opens new horizons for film producers

Published on 2007-01-15. Author : SpecialChem

Worms / Reichenburg -- KIEFEL Extrusion GmbH, Worms, and its Swiss subsidiary WINTECH Winding Technology AG, Reichenburg, offer probably the most extensive program in the world market of winding systems for materials in web form. Since foundation in 1989, WINTECH has established itself as a leading supplier of winding systems for a wide range of materials. The company has registered numerous patents over the years - this fact underlines once more the exceptional position that this winding specialist has acquired in the development of technological innovation.

This also takes the philosophy of both companies into account: the experienced KIEFEL-WINTECH team sets out on new paths for the customers under the slogan "WINTECH integrated technology". But always with a sure foundation based on specialist know-how, in order to master the most demanding tasks oneself. This solution-oriented strategy forms the basis for the worldwide success of KIEFEL WINTECH winding systems. Intensive research, the most modern production methods, excellent customer service and entrepreneurial dynamism make the product offer into a definition of German-Swiss precision technology.

New dimensions with MDO

The innovative Machine Direction Orientation (MDO) technology enables specific degrees of monoaxial stretching of films and film composites. It is possible in this simple and efficient way to provide blown or cast film with unexpected properties. And a film producer or processor can then break through into new dimensions in terms of his product range with a new KIRION® MDO line from KIEFEL-WINTECH. The MDO module helps the plastics processor to reduce film thicknesses, in line with the predominating international trend. This is usually associated with ability to reduce costs.

KIRION® W winding systems for every need

The range of products on offer ranges from low-cost KIRION® W-S surface winders, through the multifunctional KIRION® W-M surface/center/gap winders, to the KIRION® W-O orbital (circulatory) winders. Almost all application areas in the industry can be covered with this wide range.

The continuously expanding circle of KIEFEL-WINTECH customers comes from the most different industries. They use the lines, in addition to blown film applications (especially for sticky and technically demanding films), also increasingly for winding of non-woven (fleece) film (also at high speeds), thermoforming film and paper. But winders from KIEFEL-WINTECH also perform useful service in calendaring and further processing, in coating or laminating and in printing, among others. They are additionally in a position to process all conceivable web-form materials in widths of 500 to 6,000 mm and in thicknesses of 6 to 4,500 µm.

Rationalization through systematic automation

KIEFEL-WINTECH observes the increasing interest of processors or converters in the automation concepts offered with satisfaction. More and more producers see themselves forced to apply rationalization measures in view of the high level of competitive pressure in international markets. But working safety is also a decisive factor for many customers to automate handling of rolls, winding shafts and sleeves. Orders placed more recently have therefore more recently involved a greater extent of winders with fully automated roll and shaft handling.

Modularity can equally well no longer be ignored in the present day line concepts. It aids provision of custom-made systems. The basic version, for example, allows a finished roll to be manually removed and the winding shaft to be returned to the winding point with lifting equipment. The most different design versions can be realized at KIEFEL-WINTECH at any time, with new investment in a winder, or at a later stage, right up to fully automated solutions with roll trolleys, sleeve tables and winding shaft return systems.

Perfect winding - a visit card for every winder technology

Cross-cutting systems in particular, in which continuous material such as plastic film or paper is separated when changing rolls, have the greatest influence of all on the quality of the roll to be wound. Perfect winding is enabled by the PERFECT CUT system offered and patented by KIEFEL-WINTECH, in which the blade is introduced from the outside into a groove in the winding reel. This innovative cross-cutting system does not influence or disturb the incoming material web. There are consequently no fluctuations in the take-off and no external introduction of cutting blades knives during the running process is necessary. In addition, the winding conditions of an incoming web do not alter during roll changing. Apart from that, the first layer on the sleeve is wound without creases and without folding over. A smooth start is the basic prerequisite for fault-free winding. This is because once a faulty layer has been brought onto the roll, it continues throughout the entire winding process and clearly not just when a adhesive-coated or critical web is involved.

KIEFEL-WINTECH takes great care to offer a comprehensive range of products in winders and accessories right from the start. This achieves customer satisfaction and helps in further processing, but the German-Swiss company also sets yardsticks in terms of modularity, operating safety and service.


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