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Kemira Outlines Business Strategy

Published on 2002-03-18. Author : SpecialChem

Kemira will increase growth in its core business areas. In pulp and paper chemicals and water treatment chemicals the objective is to be among the top three companies globally. Industrial Chemicals will be developed based on the present conditions.

In paints and coatings Kemira aims to grow to be one of the leading European companies, with focus in northern and eastern Europe.

Development options are being evaluated for Kemira Agro with the aim of separating the entire business from the Group to form a company of its own, with Kemira, the Finnish state and an outside industrial partner. The Ministry of Trade and Industry has also expressed their support for this objective.

The realization of Kemira's business strategy is based on maintaining and increasing profitability and positive cash flow.

Source: Kemira Oyj

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