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Jotun's largest so far

Published on 2007-07-10. Author : SpecialChem

Jotun is building a new factory in South Korea, the largest single foreign investment ever, and is doubling production.

The new factory near Pusan is not the company's largest, but never before has the company spent as much as USD 37 million on a factory.

Detailed plans for the factory were drawn up by autumn building will have started in Korea
Detailed plans for the factory were drawn up by autumn building will have started in Korea. From the left: vice president Bjrn Wallentin, president C. H. Yang and GEVP Esben Hersve.

The president of the Korean company, C.H. Yang, the vice president Bjørn Wallentin, and GEVP Esben Hersve met in Sandefjord to prepare detailed plans for an invitation to tender. Construction is scheduled to start during the summer and will be completed in January 2009. "The old factory is congested and does not meet Jotun's health, safety and environmental standards," says Hersve.

Greater automation

The current factory primarily produces marine and protective coatings, mostly for newbuildings. The new factory means that capacity can be more than doubled from 18 million litres to 40 million litres when the factory opens and operates two shifts.
A much greater degree of automation means that this is possible with the same number of employees (165), but there will probably be new appointments all the same because greater production requires more inspectors.

In addition to the factory, a large regional laboratory is being built.

Rapid growth

Jotun is building on a 25,000-m2 (50-are) leased site in an area known as the Science Industrial Park. Pusan is not only one of the world's largest seaports, but is located in a country with the world's 12th largest - and rapidly growing - economy.

Jotun in Korea:

Owns half of the joint venture Chokwang Jotun Ltd.

  • Established in South Korea since 1988
  • Building a new factory for ship paints in Pusan to replace the old one built in 1982
  • Price: USD 37 million
  • 165 employees, increasing gradually

Source: Jotun

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