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Jotun Award at SLF Congress in Sandefjord, Norway

Published on 2009-10-08. Author : SpecialChem

The 200 delegates present were met by a well organized event at the SLF (Skandinaviska Lackteknikers Förbund) congress held in Sandefjord 7-8th of September. The presentations given covered coating science, pigments, fillers, analytical methods, test methods, additives, legislation and environment.

Jotun was awarded the CSI (Coatings Society International) Gold Medallion 2009 for best technical paper and presentation.

The title of the paper was "Water uptake of commercial Anti-Fouling coatings with binders based on trialkylsilyl acrylates or metal acrylates/carboxylates", and was held by Dr. Erik Risberg.

The SLF scientific committee consisting of Olav Marstokk from Jotun, Edvard Dæhlen from Carboline and Michael Aamodt from Hempel was the jury and gave the following reasons for their decision;

" The jury has found a young energetic candidate, who has brought new knowledge to his area of research. The candidate chosen has made a very clear and interesting presentation. We all know that Anti-Fouling paints are used on the hull of ships to prevent fouling and reduce fuel consumption. The candidate has found that despite the fact that Anti-Fouling paints are used on ships sailing in sea-water, they do not work well in fresh water in rivers. In China a large number of shipyards are located in rivers and this means that Anti-Fouling for ships outfitted in shipyards or laying in the big rivers over long periods need an Anti-Fouling that takes special attention to fresh water in the rivers. The candidate's study has clearly shown which Anti-Fouling technology is preferable for these conditions."

Source: Jotun

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