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Jotun Antifouling for Brazilian Waters

Published on 2009-12-28. Author : SpecialChem

Teekay chosen Jotun Antifouling for the vessels trading in Brazilian waters: SeaQuantum system for vertical sides and duplex system, with SeaMate & SeaQuantum, for flat bottom.

Although we have been one of the two main suppliers for Teekay for many years, "Navion Marita" has been trading with our main competitor's antifouling, which resulted in several underwater cleanings and high risk of speed penalties. Vessels, using SeaQuantum, usually show clean underwater hulls with no speed loss in similar conditions.

Frequent port of calls with short voyages, and high amount of standstill/low speed operations in hot tropical waters are challenging. In addition, a lot of ports in Brazil contain contaminated and greasy waters. This calls for using the best selfpolishing and self-cleaning antifouling system, like our SeaQuantum series. Till date this has been the best performing antifouling system in Brazilian waters.

Though fuel savings may not always be on top of the agenda, any operator or investor needs to consider the amount of CO2 emissions to air and loss of speed due to the drag from fouling. In addition, the future dry dock cost savings are enormous as clean hull is achieved with only a wash and repair of minor corrosion spots. The alternative would be 40-100% full blast refurbishment due to high amount of fouling. Not paying attention to a suitable tailor made antifouling system, and rather applying the cheapest found, will result in down time loss and extra materials to be purchased and applied. Navion Marita was dry docked in Malaysia, where our Coating Advisors did a great inspection job in the yard!

Source: Jotun

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