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Johnstone's Offers Decorators Innovative New Software

Published on 2004-07-27. Author : SpecialChem


Johnstone's customers will have the opportunity over the next few months to use the latest software developed by Kalon. The new CD-Rom will give decorators and specifier's the ability to provide customer's with images of rooms decorated with colour selected from the Johnstone's Designer colour palette.

The new software enables the user to import any image to be masked and painted either direct from a digital camera or scanned from a photograph. At the click of a button different colours can be placed in as many areas as the user creates. Any number of colour schemes can then be created simply at the click of the mouse. Using a unique filtering process which we have developed, all the shading and natural lines of the areas remain when painted. The result is an impression of how the rooms or buildings will appear when decorated.

Commenting on the new CD-Rom Jonathan Metcalfe, E-commerce manager said; "This new software will help Decorators and Specifier's deal with their own customers by providing an easy way to select colour schemes from the extensive Johnstone's range."

The software also enables the users to colour and print room sets to register the software live via the Internet. Once registered a unique pin number unlocks the free trial software which gives the user access to downloadable updates, additional colour palettes and further pre-masked images.

Source: : SigmaKalon

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