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Johnson Matthey Catalysts’ Polymers Business Takes a Global Perspective

Published on 2005-07-08. Author : SpecialChem

Johnson Matthey Catalysts, the world's leading manufacturer of organic titanates which it markets under the trade name VERTEC™ , hosted a three-day Seminar in June for its global network of agents and distributors from around the world.

The event, held in the North East of England, close to the business' main manufacturing site and sales offices, was organised to promote relations with agents and to provide technical training on VERTEC products and applications, with the ultimate objective of recognising and satisfying customers needs, both now and in the future.

45 Johnson Matthey representatives from over 30 different countries attended the seminar, making this a truly important global event.

Johnson Matthey Catalysts delivered a series of presentations covering customer service, technical, marketing, manufacturing, finance, and supply chain topics, to enable its agents to gain a greater understanding of promoting the VERTEC brand. In particular there was a clear focus on the application of the VERTEC product range for inks, coatings, and as catalysts in numerous chemical processes including esterification and polymerisation reactions.

New product development is crucial to long term success of the business, and the latest addition to the VERTEC range of adhesion promoters, VERTEC JUPITER was introduced. This product offers the printing ink industry faster printing speeds and other great operational benefits at lower addition levels. Johnson Matthey Catalysts' growing range of titanate based catalysts for the Polyurethane and Polyester markets was also covered.

Paul Armitage, Business Manager for Polymer Catalysts commented, "The positive feedback received over the three days exceeded my expectations. Despite the tough market conditions across the world, we all recognise that the time and effort that goes into developing and supporting our product programme needs a genuine return from our market pricing. Our network of agents have not only gained new ideas and experience from the Johnson Matthey team, but also shared learning with other representatives. This event has not only re-energised our agents, but also our own people. Fundamentally, the ideas generated and the shared experiences must be used to benefit our customers and this will ensure that our business in Johnson Matthey Catalysts goes from strength to strength".

Apart from generating great business ideas, the agents were also very appreciative and complementary about the landscapes and architecture of the United Kingdom, especially the North East region. Fernando Christie, the VERTEC Chilean agent commented, "The valley in which I work is very hot, humid and suffers from pollution, especially in the summertime, however the beauty and clean air of this area makes me very envious of you".

During his closing speech Paul Armitage concluded "We do not want our representatives to lose the momentum or passion we all feel about the future of the VERTEC business and the challenge of satisfying the changing needs of our customers. Building strong relations and keeping the lines of communication open is, I believe, the key to a successful sustainable business".

Source: Johnson Matthey Catalysts

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