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JDSU Announces Selection of Nosco, Inc. as a SecureShift® Authorized Partner to Extend Brand Authentication Protection

Published on 2006-03-20. Author : SpecialChem

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- JDSU (Nasdaq: JDSU - News; TSX: JDU - News), a leading provider of brand authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions, announced the selection of Nosco, Inc. as an authorized SecureShift® partner for the production of pharmaceutical labels in North America. JDSU's SecureShift Authorized Partner Program allows partners to supply SecureShift Technology for pharmaceutical brand protection applications using JDSU's patented SecureShift inks. Designed to provide an affordable and secure solution for labeling and packaging, SecureShift uses color shifting pigments to provide a proven deterrent to counterfeiting, and easy positive visual authentication. SecureShift color, used in an application such as a label, changes from one hue to another.

"JDSU is changing the way brand protection packaging is applied to consumer products across a broad spectrum of market applications, including pharmaceuticals, electronics and consumables," said Roy W. Bie, general manager of JDSU's Flex Products Group. "By enabling brand owners to easily integrate advanced product authentication technology into their existing product packaging, labeling and branding guidelines, JDSU continues to grow its leadership position in brand authentication through increased distribution channels. The partnership with Nosco further expands the number of SecureShift applications for pharmaceutical brand protection. In turn, using JDSU's patented SecureShift authentication technology gives Nosco greater opportunities to increase revenue streams while helping their customers deal with mounting concerns about counterfeiting."

"One of our primary goals at Nosco is to help pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers keep drugs safe, and their supply chain secure. The addition of SecureShift to the Nosco® Security Protection portfolio brings this capability to a new level," said Russ Haraf, Nosco's president. "Together, JDSU's Flex Products Group and Nosco provide the leading color shifting ink technology through a secure chain of custody with security printing protocols. This helps to give brand owners confidence that a patient is receiving a secure, authentic product."

Strictly controlled manufacturing, supply and distribution ensure that only authorized partners have access to JDSU's SecureShift pigments. Further, the SecureShift solution is easily incorporated into existing product packaging and labeling. SecureShift is ideal for numerous applications including labels (as a dedicated security label or part of existing labeling), packaging such as blister packs, boxes or bottles, and closures, including foil induction seals and shrink sleeves. SecureShift can also be applied to molded plastics as part of a product or package, and as thermal transfers. SecureShift is easy to positively authenticate by eye, without the need for readers or equipment. A simple shift between two distinct colors makes it simple for customers, employees, and investigators to verify authenticity in the field and distinguish counterfeits from genuine products. Beyond the striking overt characteristics of a SecureShift solution, the material can be forensically identified. A machine-readable feature is also available for applications that require this capability.

About JDSU

JDSU is committed to enabling broadband & optical innovation in the communications, commercial and consumer markets. JDSU is the leading provider of communications test and measurement solutions and optical products for telecommunications service providers, cable operators, and network equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, JDSU is the leading provider of innovative optical solutions for medical/environmental instrumentation, semiconductor processing, display, brand authentication, aerospace and defense, and decorative applications.

About Nosco

Nosco is a leading producer of pharmaceutical printed packaging, including folding cartons, printed literature, pressure-sensitive labels, and Nosco® Fix-a-Form® multi-panel products, produced under a cGMP and QSR-based Quality System. Strategic service offerings include Nosco® RFID Package Integration, Nosco® Security Protection, Nosco® On_Demand Solutions, and Nosco® Solutions Engineering. Nosco manufactures in Gurnee and Waukegan, Illinois, and in Carrollton, Texas. Nosco has been a pharmaceutical printed packaging supplier since 1932 and produces in a secure environment.

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Source: JDSU

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