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ITENE Develops a Cellulose-based Food Packaging with Biodegradable Coatings

Published on 2015-02-05. Author : SpecialChem

A consortium of companies and research centers has developed a new biodegradable packaging for food based on cellulose with biodegradable coatings, and a lid with the same properties. In this way, an alternative has been created to use non-renewable traditional packaging materials from petroleum. It has developed structures based on cellulosic materials (paper), to apply them in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

The Adcellpack project, coordinated by ITENE and made out by the companies Juan Luna, Centros Comerciales Carrefour, Brandia, Elastopoli Oy, Skymark and the research center VTT. The initiative has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme. Nowadays, its industrial development is being evaluated by the project consortium. 

Thanks to this project which uses paper as a substrate, a biodegradable coating has been integrated, and also it has developed a biodegradable lid to offer an hermetic product. The project has succeeded in developing a biodegradable packaging and also it is able to maintain the freshness of the food product and ensure food safety.

As explains Juan Elías Luna, CEO at Juan Luna Distributions, “one of the most important advantages of this product is the waste treatment. This new biopackaging entails an important economic and energetic saving”. 

Moreover, Juan Elías Luna has highlighted that the innovative packaging developed “is compatible with the wide range of meat products produced like cheese, cured ham and sausages".

Sustainable development

Mariano Rodríguez, Head of Quality and Sustainable Development in Centros Comerciales Carrefour, explained that “this type of packaging helps us to implement measures that make easier our sustainable development policy, especially in waste and product reduction. We also should be coherent with the relationship between product and packaging. A product with an environmental plus must be accompanied by a packaging with the same condition”. 

The new material designed is suitable for the use of modified atmosphere packaging technique, which allows the conservation of food and thereby it increases its shelf life. According to this packaging solution, the atmospheric air inside the package is replaced by an optimized mixture of gases to ensure product preservation.

Also, the materials are designed from renewable sources, such as cellulose, and allow the reduction of the environmental impact, which are presented as a great alternative to packaging manufacturers. 

The Adcellpack packaging has been designed especially for slice cheese, but it is able to be applied to different food products that currently use MAP packaging.  


ITENE is a Spanish non-profit and private Research and Technical Development (RTD) Institute in the fields of packaging, transport and logistics, located in Paterna near Valencia in Spain. The Institute provides services to more than 400 companies, organizations and institutions (which are associated members) related directly or indirectly to these sectors. Therefore, ITENE can also be considered as a National Association, having an important percentage of members coming from the food packaging sector. The mission of ITENE consists in improving business competitiveness through the promotion of research, development, innovation and advanced technological services.

Source: ITENE

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