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ISP to Present Wood Protection Technologies at 7th International Woodcoatings Congress

Published on 2010-10-12. Author : SpecialChem

WAYNE, NJ -- At the 7th International Woodcoatings Congress, ISP will present technologies that may be used in primers, stains and coatings to better support the long-term vitality of wood products. In a paper called "A Comprehensive Approach to Wood Protection," chemical and material scientists Mr. Hasan Kaytan and Dr. Marc Hombeck will outline how advanced additive technologies can extend protection to wood exposed to UV light, water, insects, fungi and algae. The authors will look at the four major causes of wood degradation and address a solution for each based on innovative chemistry developed by ISP.

According to Mr. Hasan Kaytan, New Business Development Manager, wood is a natural fiber composite that requires a range of technologies delivered properly to extend the vitality of wood products. "Considering all of the major causes of wood degradation, designing technologies that can be used in wood coating and protection products to extend the vitality of wood products is best achieved by examining the wood fiber matrix and engineering new technologies from the ground up," he said. "The paper we will present next week in Amsterdam is the culmination of years of R&D work that, taken together, offers wood coatings formulators and producers of wood products the option to consider comprehensive wood protection strategies within the context of modern formulation techniques."

New Technologies for Exterior Wood Coatings

Please join Mr. Kaytan and Dr. Hombeck during Session 2 of the conference program focused on new technologies for exterior wood coatings. The authors will discuss the inner working of ISP's lignin protection products that stabilize and protect the primary lignin for consistently higher levels of protection and long-term performance. Included in the technology overview will be an overview of the benefits of high-performance water repellency additives that use nano-technology to deliver an extremely hydrophobic layer of protection in wood primers and top coats. Also, ISP's in-house micro-emulsion technology, allows active ingredients like biocides and insecticides to penetrate more deeply into wood, offering more effective protection for a longer period of time.

About the PRA 7th International Woodcoatings Congress:

The 7th International Woodcoatings Congress will facilitate innovation in the formulation of woodcoatings by bringing together the participants in the supply chain for an in-depth exchange of knowledge and ideas. The Congress is an opportunity for several of the institutions devoted to research in the forest products sector to communicate the outcomes of important industry-driven projects. As in previous years, the Congress embraces all new technical developments in coatings and treatments for interior and exterior wood applications. Its main theme this year is "Reducing the Environmental Footprint," reflecting the industry-wide interest in corporate responsibility toward the environment.

About International Specialty Products Inc.:

International Specialty Products Inc. (ISP) is a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals and performance enhancing products for a wide variety of personal care, pharmaceutical, beverage and industrial applications. ISP produces more than 500 specialty chemicals, which it markets and sells worldwide. The company's headquarters is located in Wayne, New Jersey, USA.

Source: International Specialty Products Inc.

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