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INX International to offer FloClear Fountain Solution Recycling Systems

Published on 2010-01-26. Author : SpecialChem

SCHAUMBURG, IL -- INX International Ink Co. and FloClear™ LLC have announced a distribution agreement for all INX sheetfed and web offset customers to have access to FloClear® Fountain Solution Recycling Systems. The deal, which went into effect January 1, makes available to INX customers an environmental solution in line with the company's corporate Green sustainability and responsibility guidelines.

The FloClear FS series, which operates on any 40-inch or larger sheetfed press, decreases the impact on the environment and helps lessen press downtime without increasing production costs. At the same time it improves dampening system cleanliness as well as color consistency and press productivity.

"We see this as a tremendous opportunity for our customers," said Angelo Possemato, National Account Director for INX International. "With the FloClear system, waste is significantly diminished in various parts of the process, and paper and ink waste at reduced levels. Toxins that would otherwise be dumped down a drain are being extracted in the 3 stages of separate and independent media, which currently is not taking place in any facility that does not have a FloClear system."

FloClear Fountain Solution Recycling Systems are designed to greatly reduce the ink, paper fiber and other contaminants that build up in a fountain solution. It constantly recirculates the solution through a patented, multistage separation system that filters contaminants out of the fountain solution - including colloidal and sub-colloidal - while leaving the manufacturer's formulated and critical ingredients undisturbed. This process will greatly reduce the number of dumps necessary and extend the life of the fountain solution by as much as 6 months or more.

"With the FloClear unit attached, the longevity of the fountain solution is significantly extended while a printer lowers his carbon footprint," Possemato explained. "If a plant is running RO water, a majority amount of water is needed and wasted in order to generate what is circulating in the central chiller. FloClear allows the fountain solution to retain its inherent properties while continuously being recycled and refreshed, thereby saving gallons of water.

"There also will be less paper waste because jobs get up to print faster due to the consistently clean fountain solution. That's a tremendous advantage to any printer who does a lot of make-readies. When the fountain solution is continuously clean - even after 40 different jobs in a day - the amount of wasted paper and ink is lessened significantly over time."

The FloClear Fountain Solution Recycling System typically pays for itself within the first year of operation.

About INX International Ink Co.:

INX International Ink Co. is the third largest producer of inks in North America with over 30 facilities in the U.S. and Canada, and is a global supplier as part of Sakata INX worldwide operations.

Source: INX International Ink Co.

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