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INX International Introduces INXSpec™ Color Perfection System at Cannex

Published on 2015-06-30. Author : SpecialChem

SCHAUMBURG, IL – As one of the world’s leading suppliers of metal decorating ink for 2-piece cans and flat sheet metal printing, INX International Ink Co. continues to pave the way by developing products and solutions that exceed marketplace demands. Such was the case for Monobloc decorators, who had the opportunity to see the new INXSpec™ Brand Color Perfection System in action at Cannex in China.

INXSpec is a unique brand management program that duplicates perfect color to deliver consistent results time after time. Working in tandem with INX MDO Base System thermoset impact extruded metal decorating inks, it achieves brand color consistency with incredibly accurate dispensing solutions (+/- 0.001 lbs. – 0.5 grams) in only four steps.

“INXSpec will make operations for monobloc decorators more effective by saving time and money while getting them to the production stage faster and more consistently,” remarked Rick Clendenning, President and CEO of INX International Ink Co.

“With INXSpec, they can formulate the exact color chemistry and adhesion for a specific metallic substrate in a matter of minutes. Any guesswork has been eliminated and the time process it normally takes to complete has been reduced. INXSpec can be replicated for each and every run and performed in virtually any facility in the world, making it the most efficient system available.”

The process for perfectly blended brand color inks begins with phase one – Initial Color Measurement – and continues through Formulate & Dispense, Mix & Decorate and Verify & Produce Cans.

The first step of Initial Color Measurement begins with matching the customer’s standard and creating color data to generate a formula. Once completed, the Formulate & Dispense stage is where color data is saved and dispensed, blended and proofed in 50-100 gram amounts via an AccuBlend™ dispensing system. The Mix & Decorate mode involves verifies the color shade and draw down matches to the formula, and the final stage confirms the color match and allows for production to begin.

INXSpec works with MDO Base System thermoset impact extruded metal decorating inks, which offer significant benefits including short dwell times and improved transfer, ink flow and scratch resistance. Available in eight base colors, they also have a wide range of secondary and permanent colors.

About INX International

INX International Ink Co. is one of the largest producers of inks in North America with over 15 facilities in the U.S. and Canada, and is a global supplier as part of Sakata INX worldwide operations. It offers a complete line of ink and coating solutions technology for commercial, packaging and digital applications. As one of the leading global manufacturers of inkjet inks, it provides a full palette of digital ink systems, advanced technologies and integrated services.

Source: INX International

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