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INX Digital's Eco-friendly TRIANGLE® Inks Generate Huge Interest at SGIA Expo 2012

Published on 2012-11-02. Author : SpecialChem

SAN LEANDRO, CA -- Hosting a booth full of qualified buyers was not only the goal but a reality for INX Digital International last week in Las Vegas. An overflow amount crowd interested in the company's TRIANGLE® brand of alternative inks, including green products for the wide format market, attended the annual Specialty Graphics Imaging Association's Expo from October 18-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

"Without a doubt, we experienced our best response to a North American show in the last five years. We spoke with many new and familiar people from throughout the U.S. as well as Latin America," claimed Ken Kisner, President of INX Digital International.

"The people who visited our booth had a purpose and plan in mind. I was anticipating plenty of interest for our TRIANGLE inks but was a bit surprised and delighted by the sheer volume of people that did. We also had quite a few discussions about our Prodigy™ brand and some new development projects. These types of results are why we continue our sponsorship of the SGIA Expo."

INX Digital featured its TRIANGLE EDX and JVV inks. EDX cartridges were demonstrated on Roland VersaCAMM and Mutoh printers, and JVV was exhibited on a Mimaki JV33 printer in tandem with the Eco Bulk ink delivery system that uses 100 percent recycled material. That combination was well received by the crowd of visitors.

"Our EDX ink has done exceptionally well in the market the last two years and it continues to gain momentum based on what took place at SGIA," Kisner said. "People want a green option and EDX is providing the results they require. It's a great green alternative compared to the true solvent products that are available in the wide format market."

EDX was the first TRIANGLE ink to offer a color and chemically compatible ECO product for the alternative market. Fast drying with low odor, new color profiles are not necessary in order to obtain compatible output to the OEM inks when printing. EDX also provides a significant cost savings compared to Roland Soljet series printers ECO inks. When matched against OEM wide format inks, EDX is typically 30-50 percent lower in cost.

The JVV series is a popular and fast drying true solvent-based inkjet ink. Boasting a UV light resistant pigment, they are chemically compatible with OEM inks and have excellent adhesion to many different substrates. The JVV series also offers a broad color gamut with bold reds and clean yellows. Like EDX, JVV is backed by INX Digital's Worldwide Outdoor Durability and Ink Train warranty.

INX Digital also promoted its UV Curable inks on HP printers. However, interest was strong across-the-board for all of its UV and wide format products, in addition to the company's superb print head cleaning operation and the impressive Prodigy brand.

"Prodigy dares you to be different and more people want to take the challenge and separate themselves from the competition," remarked Kisner, who indicated the brand has recently been used successfully in the packaging market for test marketing, prototyping, serialization and mass customization.

In the graphic arts industry, Prodigy has life in the digital market with OEMs, Integrators and print head companies. The products typically are used for billboards, banners, vehicle and building wraps and other large format output purposes. On the industrial side, products include textile, wood grain, and plastic and metal packaging for the medical industry and others using a varied portfolio of chemistries including UV, water and solvent-based products. These products have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of flexible media.

The SGIA Expo concluded INX Digital's schedule of tradeshows for 2012. Commitments for 2013 will be announced in December.

About INX Digital International Co.

INX Digital International Co. is a leading global manufacturer of inkjet inks for wide format, super-wide and new generation digital printers, and a supplier of printing parts and related services. As the digital arm of INX International Ink Co., it offers a full palette of digital ink systems, advanced technologies and integrated services including chemistry, hardware and software, engineering design, and integration and media.

Source: INX Digital International Co.

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