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INTERPOLYMER Sells Polyurethane Dispersions of Hauthaway

Published on 2008-09-09. Author : SpecialChem

LYNN, MA -- C. L. Hauthaway & Sons Corporation (Lynn, MA) and INTERPOLYMER Corporation (Canton, MA) have decided to collaborate in marketing Hauthaway's line of Hauthane® Polyurethane Dispersions to the architectural and industrial coatings markets in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. This marketing collaboration will extend HAUTHAWAY's reach to previously under-served coatings formulators in those regions and allow INTERPOLYMER to offer a complete range in selected industries.

"This cooperative arrangement offers each company access to technology and markets neither possessed on their own. Hauthaway gains access to established European and Asian sales and distribution organizations, and Interpolymer can present a complementary technology to its well-known SYNTRAN® and MEGATRAN® acrylic emulsion brands", according to Bill Otterbein, Vice President - Marketing & Sales.

"We enlarge our portfolio for producers of coatings & paints, floor polishes, glues and manufacturers of auxiliaries for textile & leather" according to Siegfried J. Gillich, head of INTERPOLYMER activities in Europe and Asia.


C. L. HAUTHAWAY & SONS is a manufacturer and marketer of waterborne Polyurethane polymers, flocking adhesives and leather finishes serving adhesives, automotive, architectural / industrial coatings, and textile markets. The company is headquartered in Lynn, MA.


INTERPOLYMER is a global manufacturer of acrylic emulsions serving floor care, leather, carpet, personal care applications such as mascara, eyeliner, hair styling, shampoos, sun care, and industrial applications such as paints, coatings, glues, construction and industrial processes . The company has production sites, research & development and application laboratories in the US in Canton, MA and Louisville, KY, in Europe in Hassloch, Germany and Wissembourg, France and in Asia in Shanghai and Nanjing, China.

Source: C. L. Hauthaway & Sons Corporation

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