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Innvovative Paint Finish Simulator from Henkel

Published on 2009-11-06. Author : SpecialChem

Now there is an easy way for body shops to get assurance that a repair work is done perfectly saving time and money on any potential re-work: simply apply Teroson QuickCheck, a new waterborne paint finish simulator from Henkel.

With Teroson QuickCheck Henkel has brought the first waterborne paint simulator to the market that replicates a refinish coating. The innovative Henkel product allows for quick and early identification of any defects, such as low or high spots, pin holes, straightness of a contour and swage lines. Its high-gloss finish reveals any imperfections, which can be highlighted with a soft pencil before simply wiping Teroson QuickCheck away with a waterbased degreaser, leaving the marked area visible for the finishing touches.

"Our revolutionary repair check system is significantly reducing the amount of re-work", says Werner Reith, Market Manager at Henkel. "Using Teroson QuickCheck it takes less than a minute to ensure that a panel repair is done perfectly - instant assurance compared to the time-intensive correction work on the finished repair coating. This opens up an enormous potential for increasing body shop throughput."

Imperfection's got no choice

Teroson QuickCheck is applied directly to cured body filler before the priming stage. Even the smallest imperfection in the surface becomes visible through the black gloss and can be corrected before the paint process begins. In this way any defects are rendered visible long before the priming and final top coat stages. Teroson QuickCheck can be used to highlight any shape imperfection on a variety of substrates, such as: steel, GRP, plastics, composites, E-coat, aluminium, cured bodyfiller and painted surfaces. Apart from repair jobs Teroson QuickCheck can also be used on new panels to check they have no imperfections.

Waterborne Teroson QuickCheck comes with a long shelf life of 18 months. Henkel's new paint finish simulator is developed as a temporary coating, not affecting the paint process at all. Any overspray just washes off using a waterbased degreaser. Teroson QuickCheck is fairly simple to use so it does not require any additional training: Just spray, check, remove and correct whatever defect has become visible and a perfect result will be the reward.

Source: Henkel

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