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ICI Paints signs MOU With U.S. Hispanic Contractors Association To Create Jobs And Spur Economic Growth In Construction Segment

Published on 2004-03-29. Author : SpecialChem


A worldwide leader in marketing, manufacturing and distributing respected paint brands, ICI Paints, and the U.S. Hispanic Contractors Association (USHCA) signed an agreement to help both organizations explore ways to encourage economic growth and expand their business opportunities.

To formalize the agreement, the representatives from both organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Capitol Hill during a ceremony where Ruben Barrales, Deputy Assistant to President George Bush and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, and Members of Congress including Congressman Ciro D. Rodriguez (D-TX-28) were present.

Congressman Rodriguez said that it was a great pleasure to witness the signing of this agreement and he applauded the efforts of the United States Hispanic Contractors Association to be able to expand opportunities for small and minority owned businesses. He further added that they have shown that working together can expand competition resulting in benefits for both businesses and their employees.

ICI Paints, through its "Why ICI Paints" business proposition, is offering the members of the USHCA programs to build their businesses, reduce risks, grow margin and drive out costs. Specific programs include small business development strategies, leveraged buying power, credit services and state-of-the-art painting solutions, all planned to better serve Hispanic businesses. Over time, they will help make Hispanic contractor businesses more competitive, more capable and more productive than they were ever before.

In return, the relationship with USHCA will give a preferred position to ICI Paints among contractors who make nearly $500 million in paint purchases annually and will also give access to qualified Hispanic job candidates to supply ICI Paints' growing roster of Hispanic employees. Overall, the relationship has the potential to contribute significantly to economic growth and job creation in the United States via the exploding Hispanic population within the contractor segment.

According to Larry Porcellato, CEO of ICI Paints, ICI Paints has a vested interest in making its customers successful. If they succeed, we succeed. And now, we are in a position to help Hispanic contractors become as successful and profitable as they possibly can be.

According to Frank Fuentes, Chairman of the USHCA, this new relationship provides the foundation for our organization to link with other companies to provide a similar opportunity in many sectors. "ICI Paints has recognized the growing power of Hispanics in the construction community and has stepped forward with the tools to help us become more productive, more profitable and more successful in our projects.

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