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ICHO Purchases Nano-Coatings Products to Preserve Historical Buildings in Iran

Published on 2011-01-14. Author : SpecialChem

TEHRAN (INIC) -- The Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO) in Markazi province, Central Iran, welcomed WP Nanofam commercial product, manufactured by Nilifam CO., to preserve outdoor surfaces of the historical shrines located throughout the province, while leaving their appearance intact.

Nano-Coatings Preserve Historical Buildings in Iran

According to the company's officials, this product has been sold at the price of $10,000 to $12,000 to the ICHO. The ICHO is scheduled to purchase more of this Nanofam for repairing other historic buildings.

WP Nanofam is a water-based liquid designed to seal and protect a broad range of structural and industrial surfaces.

Elaborating on the mechanism of this product, the Nanofam project manager at Nilifam Company said, "Since viscosity of this product is very similar to that of water, it can readily penetrate to the capillary pores to which polymeric or elastomeric substances can't diffuse."

Hailing the function of this substance on the surface, he said, "Surfaces coated by WP Nanofam remain intact in appearence and mechanically."

The company's officials also revealed that the Traffic Control Organization manages to utilize self-cleaning SC Nanofam product, for which the mechanism is based on photocatalytic properties of titanium oxide nanoparticles, to dye surfaces in certain locations.

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