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HP Spartacote®, Inc. and Baril Coatings Announce Global Joint Venture, Creation of HP Spartacote® International, Inc.

Published on 2010-07-05. Author : SpecialChem

GOLDEN, Colo. -- Baril Coatings, a multinational ISO 14001 certified manufacturer of innovative Dual Cure Chemistry coatings, and HP Spartacote®, Inc. are pleased to announce the launch of HP Spartacote® International, Inc. Under this new agreement, HP Spartacote® International, Inc. will be the exclusive overseas manufacturing and distribution arm for patented HP Spartacote®, Inc. concrete floor coating products outside of North America.

Currently, HP Spartacote®, Inc. manufactures patented polyaspartic floor coatings under exclusive license in the United States. The international patent rights to this technology are held by Baril Coatings, BV. Based in the Netherlands Baril Coatings maintains several manufacturing and distribution centers across the globe, including one in the United States. Baril currently produces this technology under the Dual Cure Chemistry (DCC) brand name where it is a leader in high performance coatings for a variety of metal substrates and OEM applications.

This new relationship will allow Baril to diversify into the concrete floor coating segment while allowing HP Spartacote®, Inc. to achieve the global footprint it needs to meet increasing demand in new markets.

"We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Baril Coatings and the creation of HP Spartacote® International, Inc.," says Sean Shiers, President of HP Spartacote®, Inc. "In combining Baril’s extensive experience with HP Spartacote's® expertise in concrete floor coatings, we are leveraging strengths of both organizations. Our new partnership with Baril Coatings will allow us to better serve our overseas clients through localized fulfillment."

According to Dave Harmon Jr., President of Baril Coatings USA, "HP Spartacote® has positioned itself to become a global leader in providing this unique high performance polyaspartic floor coating." According to Harmon: "Baril's worldwide patent protection for DCC technology allows HP Spartacote®, Inc. to expand into new markets with a product offering that is truly one of a kind in its performance."

"Baril Coatings has always focused on sustainable coating solutions for its clients," says Geert Duijghuisen, president and CEO of Baril Coatings BV.

"This new partnership and will allow us to expand the scope of Baril's powerful Dual Cure Chemistry into the floor coating market. We see great potential in broadening our manufacturing presence by augmenting our existing offering of sustainable high performance steel and OEM coating applications with high performance concrete floor coatings."

Source: HP Spartacote®, Inc.

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