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How to stand out from the crowd: World market leader presents show’s highest booth

Published on 2009-05-14. Author : SpecialChem

Sydney/Münster -- Glasurit®, a BASF Coatings' paint brand, has now taken the fifth continent by storm. The company presented its 90 Line waterborne paints at the Collision Repair Expo, Australia's biggest trade show. The paint experts came up with something really special for the event, which features over 400 exhibitors. They suspended an oversized 90 Line paint tin from the ceiling over the Glasurit information booth. From 8 metres in the air, a stream of yellow paint poured out of the tin down to the centre of the booth. What at first glance looked like a giant paint spill was actually a creatively staged eye-catcher that attracted the attention of all the show visitors. The huge paint tin was the highest exhibit at the Collision Repair Expo.

The 90 Line waterborne basecoat system, for which Glasurit is the world leader, attracted a great deal of interest. Show visitors had the opportunity to participate in an interactive demonstration in mobile paint booths, where they could try out the waterborne basecoat technology firsthand.

In addition to 90 Line, seminars on value-added services (VAS) were the focus of attention. The VAS include solutions that help bodyshops to work more economically and more efficiently. Two of the questions on VAS were,
  • "How can capacities be utilised better?" and "In which areas can bodyshop owners acquire additional business?"
  • The VAS are also on offer in Europe and have already become an integral part of the market.

According to the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, the Collision Repair Expo, which has several thousand participants, is the biggest show of its kind in Sydney. The Expo takes place every two years in Australia.

Worldwide expansion reaches Australia and New Zealand

"It's only a matter of time until strict legal regulations for VOCs will also be in place here in Australia, similar to those already in effect in Europe. By changing over to 90 Line, bodyshops can secure a better position among the competition. If you start now, you'll have a competitive edge," said Ian Johnson, Technical Sales Support Manager for Australia and New Zealand. 90 Line contains only a very low percentage of solvents, making it extremely environmentally friendly.

"Waterborne products are not used very widely yet in New Zealand either, which is why we were very proud to be New Zealand's first bodyshop to use these products," said Stefan Tolich, head of the Ray Haslar Autohaus, which has already been working with 90 Line for over 12 months. Bodyshop owner Steve Menkes of Lambton, Australia, also can't say enough about the world market leader. "90 Line allows us higher productivity, excellent colour matching and it's environmentally friendly. On top of that, it is really easy to work with and apply."

Source: BASF

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