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Holliday Pigments' Premier XAR Makes the Olympic Grade

Published on 2007-05-24. Author : SpecialChem

HOLLIDAY PIGMENTS has made the Olympic grade with its newly developed Ultramarine Blue Premier XAR Acid Resistant Grade for plastics.

A leading plastics compounder specified the new Premier XAR after competitive products failed to make the grade in a series of acid resistant and weathering tests to find a performance pigment suitable for seating at the Beijing stadium, which is currently undergoing extensive renovation ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games.

To prevent high energy radiation from the sun and other factors fading the colour, it was essential that the acid resistant blue used was strong enough to stand the test of time; the effects of which are accelerated further by environmental problems, such as acid rain.

In response to the market's dissatisfaction with the performance of existing acid resistant products, Holliday Pigments invested heavily in research and development to formulate the grade, which is now being officially launched as Premier XAR for wider use across the plastics industries.

"The Beijing stadium is a prestigious first win for us," says Gordon Yan, Technical Manager at Holliday Pigments representative office in Guangzhou. "After much focus on development we are pleased to present this important step change in pigment technology and it's this type of commitment to continuous research and innovation that demonstrates why Holliday Pigments leads the world in Ultramarine Blue."

The seats' moulder will use the Ultramarine Blue Premier XAR for the critical blue shades of seating, which will form a prominent feature in the stadium's decorative scheme. Further uses of Premier XAR are also proposed by the same moulder for the 2010 Pan-Asia Games, in Guangzhou, where the grade is currently being considered for the basketball court floors as well as the stadium's seating.

"Its improved acid resistance makes Premier XAR suitable for a wide range of exterior end uses where exposure to acid rain can be expected," says Gordon. "From stadium seating through to use in the automotive industries, Premier XAR is the best choice for a whole host of plastics applications and following the timely announcement of our first major contract win, ChinaPlas presented the ideal launch platform."

As the world's leading Ultramarine pigment manufacturer, Holliday Pigments has taken its existing acid resistant Premier AR grade and improved its performance still further. ChinaPlas (held 21-24 May 2007) was the first time the full capabilities of this groundbreaking new grade was demonstrated to buyers, suppliers and manufacturers working within plastics related industries, across the globe.

Ultramarine is rendered acid resistant by means of an inert coating deposited on the surface of the pigment particle. With previous best-in-class grades, the act of dispersing the pigment may cause abrasion of the coating which would in turn reduce its acid resistance. Premier XAR's improved coating technology not only delivers 50% improved acid resistance but tests also show it has the capacity to cut the effects of abrasion by half.

"Plastics coloured with Premier XAR show no colour deterioration after several hours' exposure to concentrated hydrochloric and sulphuric acids," says Gordon. "In dilute form these are both common components of acid rain which can cause premature fading of standard Ultramarines."

Holliday Pigments' Ultramarine Blue is one of the world's most tried and trusted pigments for premium applications in food packaging, plastics, inks, cosmetics, artist colours and paint. Now that its unique colour, excellent heat and light stability, food contact approval and total compatibility with polyolefins and other polymers has been enhanced by its excellent resistance to acids, the applications for the company's signature Ultramarine Blue are virtually endless.

About Holliday Pigments

Holliday Pigments is the world's number one manufacturer of ultramarine blue pigments. As market leader it has over 50% of the world market for technical quality ultramarine pigments. Over 120 years of manufacture has enabled the company to establish an enviable reputation as leaders in ultramarine technology and experts in the use of ultramarines in a wide variety of end applications. Environmentally conscious, Holliday Pigments' products have been reclassified as non hazardous to waters by the Commission for Evaluation of Substances Hazardous to Waters. Exporting to over 80 countries, its service is supported by dedicated teams in customer and technical service at its factories in Hull (UK), Comines (France) and via the commercial offices in Malaysia, China and the USA.

Source: Holliday Pigments

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