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Holliday Pigments Makes a Stand at Chinacoat 2008

Published on 2008-11-14. Author : SpecialChem

Following Holliday Pigments' takeover by US-based Group Rockwood Pigments, the company will again be showcasing its ultramarines at Chinacoat 2008.

As part of a long term strategy to combat rising energy and manufacturing costs, Holliday Pigments welcomed the move - which saw Rockwood acquire the world's leading supplier of ultramarine blue from former parent company, Yule Catto - as an opportunity to capitalise on the companies' combined expertise. Together the Group is now gearing up to take on specific industry issues, including increasing demand for technical solutions across China and other emerging markets.

"There is an obvious synergy between Rockwood and Holliday Pigments, and being a part of a global enterprise entirely dedicated to driving innovation in pigment technologies, puts us at a significant advantage," says Holliday Pigments' Sales and Marketing Director, Dominiqe Boulenger.

"We have always been focused on new product and business development and our investment in international events, like Chinacoat, is testament to our resilience in today's challenging economic climate. Supported by a consistent marketing campaign - including a continuing presence at high profile industry events - we are channelling resource into stepping-up supply of our signature ultramarine blue."

The company will demonstrate its superior grades, specially developed for coatings applications. Furthermore, with a team of highly qualified chemists and engineers leading ongoing research and development, Holliday Pigments is constantly evolving its existing grades to meet current day demands. Some of its more specialist grades taking centre stage at Chinacoat include:

Creating Special Effects

Used in both colour creation and correction, Holliday Pigments' Ultramarine grades disperse easily, are exceptionally lightfast and have a reliable reaction to heat. Its Ultramarine TR offers high transparency and performance for special effects coatings applications, with proven superior performance over traditional blue pigments.

Advanced Acid Resistance

Also showing, Holliday Pigments' groundbreaking Grade 59 is ideal for applications where surfaces can be exposed to the degrading effects of acid rain, high energy solar radiation, or other sources of increased acidity.

Ultramarine is rendered both acid resistant and more photo-stable by means of an inert coating deposited on the surface of the pigment particle. With previous best-in-class grades, the act of dispersing the pigment may cause abrasion of the coating which would in turn reduce its acid resistance. Grade 59's improved coating technology not only delivers 50% improved acid resistance but tests also show it has the capacity to cut the effects of abrasion by half.

"Exhibitions provide us with an ideal platform from which to showcase our very latest innovations. After much focus on development we are pleased to present these important step changes in pigment technology and it's this type of commitment to continuous research and innovation that demonstrates why Holliday Pigments leads the world in ultramarine blue," says Holliday Pigments' Dominique Boulenger.

About Holliday Pigments:

Holliday Pigments is the world's leading supplier of ultramarine pigments, which are used in a variety of applications including plastics, coatings, cosmetics, artists colours and printing inks. Exporting to over 80 countries, Holliday Pigments has dedicated customer and technical service teams at its factory in France and its commercial office in Malaysia.

Holliday Pigments has a proud 120-year history in the manufacture of technical quality ultramarine and is the only ultramarine manufacturer in the world to have invested in Flue Gas Desulphurisation technology, reducing sulphur dioxide emissions inherent in the manufacturing process by more than 99.5%.

In August 2008, Holliday Pigments joined Rockwood Holdings Inc., becoming an important addition to the Color Pigments and Services Division. Rockwood's Color Pigments & Services Division is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of colored pigments for construction, coatings, plastics and specialty applications. The Division's manufacturing sites and customer service centers are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia and China with additional sales offices located in Singapore.

The Rockwood Color Pigments & Services Division is part of Rockwood Holdings Inc., Princeton, N.J., U.S.A. Rockwood Holdings, Inc. is a leading global specialty chemicals and advanced materials company. Rockwood has a worldwide employee base of more than 9,500 people and annual net sales of approximately $3.1 billion. The company focuses on global niche segments of the specialty chemicals, pigments and additives and advanced materials markets.

Source: Holliday Pigments

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