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Hempel’s fuel-saving coating takes shipping industry 'Oscar'

Published on 2009-05-21. Author : SpecialChem

Hempasil X3, a new fouling release coating from Hempel, has won the prestigious Seatrade Award for its contribution to Protection of the Marine and Atmospheric Environment within the shipping industry. The award recognises that Hempasil X3 has the potential to cut drastically the amount of CO2 the shipping industry releases into the environment - and save shipowners thousands of dollars in fuel bills each year. This is the second award for Hempasil X3 within a month.

Hempasil X3 has won the internationally recognised Seatrade Award, often referred to as the 'Oscars of the International Shipping Industry'. The Seatrade Awards recognise new ideas and concepts that have shown their ability to improve maritime standards.

Torben Rasmussen, Group Product Manager at Hempel, comments: "We have believed in the benefits of the Hempasil X3 package for a long time. Winning a second award further strengthens confidence in our innovative way of developing products and approaching the market."

The award was presented at the 21st Seatrade Awards Ceremony Dinner at London's Guildhall on 18 May, an event attended by 350 members of the maritime community.

Double environmental improvement

Using hydrogel technology, Hempasil X3 makes a vessel's hull 'invisible' to fouling organisms, such as barnacles and biological slime. The fouling organisms perceive the coating as liquid - and so they do not attach to the hull. The result is a smooth hull with reduced drag in the water.

This has proven to reduce a vessels' fuel consumption and associated CO2 emissions by four to eight per cent. If these reductions were applied to every vessel in the world's shipping fleet, the reduction in CO2 could be as much as 90 million tonnes a year. Also, unlike many other antifouling coatings on the market, Hempasil X3 is 100 per cent biocide-free, so it does not pollute the marine environment.

Jannik Allentoft, Hempel's Group Marketing Director, explains: "This award is another sign that we have created an important product. Hempasil X3 allows shipowners to reduce their fuel bills and C02 emissions - and it's making waves in the industry, not only through awards like this one, but also with our customers."

Second award for Hempasil X3

This is the second award won by Hempasil X3. On 24 April this year, it won Ingenirens Product Award 2009. Given by Ingeniren, a magazine published by the Danish Society of Engineers, the Ingeniren Product Award recognises new Danish products that demonstrate a clear market focus and outstanding technological innovation.

Source: Hempel

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