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Hempel product a perfect match for new IMO ballast tank standards

Published on 2007-06-13. Author : SpecialChem

Hempel's new Hempadur Fibre 4760 epoxy coating meets the B1 standard required by the new IMO performance standards for protective coatings for ballast tanks. With its incorporation of synthetic mineral fibres, Hempadur Fibre 4760 has also been proven to significantly reduce the incidence of cracks in water ballast tank coatings.

Quality tested to B1 rating

Hempadur Fibre 4760 was extensively quality tested by independent institutes, and it has been awarded a B1 certification from Norske Veritas (DNV). B1 is the highest rating and is now the required rating in the new IMO standards.

Challenge in ballast tank coatings responded to

Cracks in coatings open the way for corrosion. No coating cracks, and a ballast tank remains corrosion-resistant much longer. Corrosion-free ballast tanks are a significant contributor to the longer life of any vessel. Relevant methods for testing crack resistance showed Hempadur Fibre 4760 performed significantly better than that of conventional epoxy products.

The harsh environment to which ballast tank coatings are exposed often leads to cracks along edges and in corners, especially if coatings are applied in excessive film thickness. More durable due to the strength provided by its fibres, Hempadur Fibre 4760 has also been proven to be stronger and more crack resistant with lower application thicknesses.

First with fibre

Hempel is the first to apply fibre technology to protective epoxy coatings for specific marine uses such as ballast tanks. The concept of adding fibres to different materials to increase their flexibility and inner strength is well known, for example in fibre glass, bullet proof vests, sporting goods, and a myriad of other uses where performance in materials is required. Hempel's antifouling coatings are other examples from the coatings field.

Recommended use

Since Hempadur Fibre 4760 extends the coating system durability, and limits the need for maintenance, it is ideal for use inside ballast tanks of ships. It is designed to endure the harsh ballast tank environment, but Hempadur Fibre 4760 can also be specified for most other surfaces on ships.

To learn more about Hempadur Fibre 4760 or other Hempel products, please contact your Hempel sales representative or get more information in the brochure or in the paper on "Fiber reinforced crack resistant epoxy coatings"

Source: Hempel

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