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Hempel Paints Opened a New Regional Decorative R&D Centre in Bahrain

Published on 2009-11-09. Author : SpecialChem

Hempel Paints opened a new regional Decorative R&D Centre in Bahrain on 5 November. The state-of-the-art facility at Hempel's factory in Mina Salman will be the focal point of all the company's decorative R&D activities in the Middle East. It is Hempel's first regional R&D Centre focused on the decorative segment, and will strengthen Hempel's position in the region by fulfilling customer demands for innovative products and solutions.

Hempel Paints' new regional Decorative R&D Centre in Bahrain will act as the research centre for all six of Hempel's manufacturing facilities in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Syria, Qatar and Bahrain). It is the first Hempel R&D Centre focused on the decorative segment, and will help Hempel grow in the region by developing products specifically for the Middle Eastern climate.

Pierre-Yves Jullien, Hempel Group CEO comments: "Our company has a strong history of innovation focused on customer needs, and our One Hempel - Everywhere strategy ensures that every customer gets great value from our solutions, no matter where they are in the world. We want to grow in this exciting region and the decorative segment is an important part of our business - and with this new regional Decorative R&D Centre, we are investing in our skills."

Hempel's new regional Decorative R&D Centre will ensure that decorative customers in the Middle East have access to the latest solutions and technology. Martin Wiese, Hempel Group Vice President R&D explains: "We are an innovation-based company and our products are the result of detailed research. One example is Hempatone Ecologica, a coating for interior walls and ceilings. Hempatone Ecologica was selected as a 'Master purchase' by the Users and Consumers Organisation in Spain because it offers excellent performance and has the European Eco-label for environmentally friendly products. With the Decorative R&D Centre in Bahrain, we will ensure that all our latest technology is available for customers in the Middle East - and this will result in more solutions with long-lasting performance and an environmental focus."

According to Johnson Puthanangady, Hempel's R&D Regional Manager Middle East, Hempel customers in the Middle East will soon feel the benefits of the new Decorative R&D Centre. The new Centre will enable us to focus on local legislations and national standards in the various Middle East countries and initiate quick action to be in line with the same. Besides this it will help to improve our colour matching and colour psychology skills," he says. "We will be able to match any colour under the sun the first time, and offer consumers more mix-and-match colour combinations."

The Decorative R&D Centre in Bahrain was officially opened by Pierre-Yves Jullien at an inauguration ceremony on 5 November 2009.

Source: Hempel

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