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Hempel Develops Eco-friendly Antifouling Coatings with Use of Renewable Raw Materials

Published on 2016-05-04. Author : SpecialChem

Hempel has participated in a research project sponsored by EEA Grants that will increase the use of renewable raw materials in its antifouling formulations.

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Compared to airfreight, rail or road transportation, marine shipping is by far the most environmentally friendly way of transporting goods. However, the maritime industry still emits around four per cent of the world’s man-made CO2 emissions.

One of the best ways to reduce vessel emissions is the use of advanced antifouling hull coatings. These improve the vessel’s hydrodynamics and so reduce both fuel consumption and associated emissions. As large vessels burn fuel by the megaton, even a small reduction in fuel consumption can mean significantly lower emissions. Its antifouling coatings can reduce a vessel’s fuel consumption and associated emissions by 4-8 per cent a year.

It is working to make its antifouling coatings even more environmentally friendly by incorporating renewable raw materials into its coating formulations. As a result, its customers should soon be able to choose Hempel coatings that are both proven to reduce vessel emissions and are produced sustainably.

The project is being run by our Antifouling Centre of Excellence in Polinya, Spain, and is sponsored by EEA Grants.

Josep Palasi, Strategic Technology Director of R&D at Hempel, comments: “For the last 30 years, we have worked consistently to drive the industry forward by developing coatings that lower the environmental impact of our customers’ operations. This has led to a number of industry changing technologies, such as our award-winning Hempasil and Hempaguard hull coatings. Improving the environmental performance of our own formulations is a natural extension of this work, and we hope that the industry embraces the concept. At the same time, I would like to thank EEA Grants for their generous support of this important project.”

A comprehensive hull coating assortment

Hempel offers one of the most advanced hull coating assortments in the marine coatings business. From silicone-based coatings to advanced fouling defense coatings, its portfolio includes a product for every type of marine vessel and need. All its coatings offer proven fuel-saving capabilities and we work closely with ship operators to ensure they get the ideal coating solution for their needs.

About Hempel

Hempel is one of the world-leading coatings suppliers for the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets. From wind turbines and bridges to hospitals, ships, power stations and homes, its coatings protect man-made structures from the corrosive forces of nature.

With a focus on R&D, advanced production techniques and professional coating advice, it works around the globe to help keep its customers’ investments safe and beautiful for longer.

With 11 R&D centers, 28 factories, and more than 150 stock points around the world, Hempel is present in 80 countries employing more than 6,000 people.

Source: Hempel

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