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Hardide Coatings appoints managing director for US Coatings Plant

Published on 2007-12-06. Author : SpecialChem

HOUSTON -- Hardide Coatings, Inc. has appointed Ken Siddall as managing director of its tungsten carbide-based coatings manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. Mr Siddall joins from Cerbide, Inc. in New York where he was president since 2004, leading its launch and development as a manufacturer of a patented polycrystalline tungsten carbide.

He previously spent more than 15 years with Emerson Electric progressing through various positions from industrial engineer to general manager of a Control Techniques Division in 1995. He spent 10 years as general manager creating a highly profitable organisation which was established as a benchmark within Emerson for customer service, support and profitability.

Samantha Mitchell, VP operations of Hardide Coatings, Inc. said: "We are delighted that Ken has joined the team at Hardide's growing business in the US. This is a key appointment and Ken brings a powerful combination of 20 years of relevant engineering and general management experience together with an understanding of our coating technology and markets."

Hardide Coatings has developed Hardide-T, a unique tungsten carbide based coating which offers an unprecedented combination of ultra-hardness, toughness, low friction and chemical resistance when applied to components made from steel, alloy and other materials. Unlike most ceramics and carbides, Hardide-T is not prone to chipping or flaking, as it will flex with the substrate under severe impact. Together with features such as its ability to coat internal surfaces, the coating is proven to outperform competing technologies across many measures. It is widely used around the world in aggressive wear or chemical environments primarily in the oil and gas, valve, pump and aerospace industries, and was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for food processing applications.

The Houston plant opened in September 2006 to service the North American and Canadian markets. Customers include multi-national oil service companies such as the Expro Group and Weatherford International.

The Hardide Technology

The Hardide coating process is performed in a Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) furnace and is applied to customer supplied components which are heated to 500 degrees depending on the substrate and the application. Once at the desired temperature, a controlled mixture of gases is pumped into the furnace. In the furnace chamber, a chemical reaction takes place between the gases which crystallises on the surface of the components producing a smooth layer of binder-free tungsten carbide coating with abrasion, erosion and chemical resistant characteristics. This process enables all parts of the component including internal surfaces to be coated.

Hardide Coatings, Inc is a Hardide plc company. The company has a manufacturing facility in the UK as well as Houston, Texas, USA.

Source: Hardide Coatings Inc.

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