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Greenpac Offers Water-based Barrier Coatings to Replace Plastic & PE Coatings in Packaging

Published on 2012-08-15. Author : SpecialChem

With much focus recently placed on the sustainability of packaging materials there is one area that appears to have been overlooked; PE coatings on paperboard. In many instances companies can actually adapt their systems and use specialist aqueous coated paperboard in place of a plastic tray or a PE coated board. Greenpac Solutions Ltd specialize in creating and applying these water based coatings in the UK and are expanding production to cope with new & growing demand.

"Pickup on our water based coating service has been very encouraging," says Tony Bedford, CEO of Greenpac Solutions Ltd, "what started out as a method of replacing plastic sandwich packs has actually led us into many other exciting products away from pure bakery applications, with ovenability and grease-resistance also proving very popular."

Globally supermarkets and fast food chains are wearing their environmental credentials proudly on their shirt sleeves and Greenpac Solutions appreciate the subtle differences and requirements across Europe. Countries such as the Netherlands and Germany appear to be further ahead of the UK in some areas of packaging. "Large retailers in the UK often give us the impression that recycled boards such as greyback WLC are not accepted by their customers on certain food products, but in places like Holland and Germany a wider variety of recycled content boards, coated with a water-based barrier, are helping to drive the change away from PE coated boards in a far greater number of applications" stated Tony Bedford.

Recyclability and compostability are keywords with Greenpac's client base, and as news of their innovative products has spread enquiries have been coming from printers and end users. Greenpac Solutions Ltd started life as a trade coater for papermills but is now getting involved with a full range of customers and evaluating what additional services should be added to their corporate structure. "Enthusiasm and innovation is how we approach the topic of aqueous coatings" announced Tony "papermills are wonderful things but they are very large physically and often bureaucratically." Greenpac has great flexibility when looking to develop new paper based products to replace plastic & PE coatings.

About Greenpac Solutions

Greenpac Solutions Ltd has over 25 years' combined experience in the development and application of environmentally friendly, non-plastic "Aqueous" water based barrier coatings. They are able to supply high performance barrier requirements including;

  • MVTR - high moisture resistance
  • COBB - high water resistance
  • KIT - high grease resistance
  • Heat Sealing
  • Microwave suitability
  • Ovenability
  • Non Slip coating
  • Printability

Source: Packaging Europe

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