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Global Graphene Market to Reach USD 126 Million by 2020: Technavio

Published on 2016-09-12. Author : SpecialChem

Technavio has predicted the global graphene market to post a revenue of around USD 126 million by 2020. The market’s growth is driven primarily by the rising number of patents. The global graphene market is attracting investments from private organizations, such as IBM and Nokia, as well as public institutions, such as the European Commission. This enhances scientific knowledge and triggers an increase in the number of patent applications and publications. In 2015, the global graphene market was dominated by the APAC region with a market share of around 40%. The market’s growth in this region is augmented by the easy availability of raw materials i.e., graphite.

Market is Fueled by Investments from Public Sectors


The new market research report from Technavio presents a breakdown and analysis of the graphene segments based on the type.

“Increasing number of collaborations between private and government institutions plays a vital role in the growth of the market. The global market for graphene is fueled by investments from public sectors, such as the European Commission, as well as from private organizations such as Samsung. Research carried out about graphene has significantly enhanced scientific knowledge about the material and is propelling collaborations between private and government organizations,” says Ajay Adikhari, Lead Analyst, Chemicals & Materials, Technavio Research.

Applications in Conductive Inks and Coatings

During 2020, the graphene nanoplatelets segment dominated the global market by accounting for almost 49% of the overall market share. Graphene nanoplatelets are discs of graphene with thickness ranging from one to hundreds of atomic layers. Commercially, they are being increasingly adopted as conductive additives and mechanical reinforcements in energy storage, composites, and conductive inks and coatings. These are also expected to find applications in anticorrosion coatings and conductive opaque inks.

The key vendors in the global graphene market include Advanced Graphene, Haydale, NanoXplore, Graphenea, and Graphene Platform. Graphene manufacturers are the most important stakeholders in the value chain. A single breakthrough in a large scale production method can fuel tremendous growth in the graphene-enabled product markets.

About Technavio

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