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Government of Canada Proposes to Limit DEGME in Coatings

Published on 2015-05-18. Author :

Government of Canada proposes a code of practice for a recommended concentration of 2-(2-Methoxyethoxy) Ethanol (DEGME) in surface coating materials available to consumers in Canada.

1. Purpose of the proposed code of practice

The risk management objective for the proposed code for DEGME is to protect human health by reducing the concentrations of DEGME in consumer products that are surface coating materials. The proposed code will help in the meeting of this objective by facilitating a reduction in exposure of the general public to DEGME during application of surface coating materials. However, all applicable municipal, provincial, territorial and federal legal requirements pertaining to the substance must be met, and a commitment by any person to adopt the practices and procedures set out in the proposed code does not remove obligations to comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. The proposed code outlines the following recommended practice:
The concentration of total DEGME present in a surface coating material available to a consumer in Canada should not be more than 10 000 mg/kg (also expressed as 1.0% w/w).

2. Background

DEGME was assessed as part of Batch 3 of the Challenge to industry under the Chemicals Management Plan. The report concludes that DEGME is entering the environment in a quantity or concentration or under conditions that constitute or may constitute a danger in Canada to human life or health. The conclusion is based on the potential inadequacy of the margin between exposure and critical effect levels. Specifically, the margin between conservative estimates of dermal exposure to DEGME during use of consumer products and critical effect levels for developmental toxicity in experimental animals was considered inadequate.

The proposed risk management approach document describes the various uses of DEGME and its sources of exposure. The principal source of exposure to DEGME in the general population is expected to be through inhalation and dermal contact during the use of consumer products containing the substance and, in particular, during the use of various surface coating materials in which DEGME is used as a solvent.

3. Exposure Mitigation

It is recommended that the concentration of total DEGME present in a surface coating material available to a consumer in Canada not exceed 10 000 mg/kg when a wet sample is tested in accordance with a method that conforms to good laboratory practices.

4. Applicability

The proposed code may be adopted by any person who manufactures in Canada or imports into Canada surface coating materials that are consumer products containing DEGME.

5. Applicable Products

This proposed code is applicable to consumer products that are surface coating materials containing DEGME.

6. Products Excluded From the Proposed Code

Surface coating materials for industrial and/or commercial use only are not included in the proposed code.

7. Declaration

Canadian manufacturers and importers of consumer products that are surface coating materials containing DEGME who have adopted the measures in the proposed code are advised to communicate, in writing, with the Minister of Health no later than six months after publication of the proposed code or six months after they start to use DEGME in their products or to import products containing DEGME. The Minister of Health should also be notified in writing when anyone who has adopted the proposed code permanently ceases to manufacture or import applicable products containing DEGME.

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