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Global TiO2 Pigment Producers: Comparative Cost Study 2005

Published on 2005-09-09. Author : SpecialChem

TZ Minerals International Pty Ltd (TZMI) has recently released their inaugral comparative cost study examining manufacturing cash costs of TiO2 pigment producers worldwide whilst highlighting the key cost drivers and issues for the titanium dioxide pigment industry. TZMI has employed a methodology that allows for the comparison of pigment plants across the industry by taking into consideration the cost structure, technological profile and other distinguishing features of each plant. In addition to providing estimated cash costs for 2004, the study's operational level cost analysis extends to include directional forecasts for 2005. Specific charts have been used to exhibit trends and cost drivers, including an industry cost curve built on cost data from 30 sulfate and 24 chloride route pigment plants.

Established in 1994, TZ Minerals International Pty Ltd (TZMI) is a global consulting and publishing firm headquartered in Australia. The company specialises in the collection, analysis and distribution of data on the titanium minerals, zircon and TiO2 pigment industries. TZMI’s confidential consultancy services include strategy development, market and price assessments, operations overviews, resource assessments, flowsheet development, feasibility studies and international cost competitiveness.

Source: TZ Minerals International Pty Ltd (TZMI)

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