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Global Matrechs Inc. Announces Receipt of First Commercial Order for HNIPU

Published on 2006-02-28. Author : SpecialChem

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. -- Global Matrechs, Inc. (OTCBB: GMTH - News) reports that on February 24, 2006 it was informed, through its manufacturing, sales and marketing partner, Environmental Friendly Materials GmbH (EFM) that it received the first commercial order for Hybrid Nonisocyanate Polyurethane, or "ECPU" 2851 clear binder. The order was placed by an industrial paint producer, DENBER Paints & Coatings Israel Ltd. Denber states this clear binder will be used in the manufacturing of paint for commercial purposes for its industrial markets. Global has also placed an order with EFM to produce the Binder for samples of paint for the use in United States sales activities.

Michael Sheppard, President of Global Matrechs, Inc. said, "We are extremely pleased that our partner EFM has received its first commercial order, which will generate the first royalties on HNIPU for Global Matrechs from EFM. We hope this is will serve as a starting point and lead to additional orders in this market."

DENBER believes that HNIPU based paints will have much greater applications then conventional polyurethanes which are porous, with poor hydrolytic stability and moderate permeability. In addition, conventional polyurethanes require highly toxic components in their manufacture, such as isocyanates, rendering production and use extremely toxic and dangerous, whereas HNIPU does not pose this danger.

More About HNIPU

HNIPU was developed through the modification of the structure of the urethane polymer, a new method for increasing hydrolytic stability. HNIPU exhibits superior resistance properties to chemical degradation -- some 30 to 50 percent better than conventional polyurethanes. It also is significantly less permeable. Unlike conventional polyurethanes, with their more porous structure, HNIPU forms into a virtually non-porous material. HNIPU does not require special health protection procedures that are normally associated with the use of conventional polyurethanes because it does not contain toxic isocyanates. Conventional polyurethanes have unstable bonds that are easily hydrolyzed making the material very vulnerable to environmental degradation. An intramolecular hydrogen bond is formed during HNIPU's synthesis that improves hydrolytic stability well beyond that of conventional polyurethanes. Materials that contain intramolecular hydrogen bonds display chemical resistance greater than materials of similar chemical structure without such bonds.

About Global Matrechs

Through its licensed technologies business, Global Matrechs seeks to convert the licenses it has acquired in emerging technologies in the nuclear energy, environmental and chemical industries into manufactured products primarily through sub-licenses of those technologies to manufacturers.

"Forward-Looking Statements"

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Source: Global Matrechs, Inc.

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