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Global Image Solutions Team Launched by Akzo Nobel

Published on 2007-11-16. Author : SpecialChem

Akzo Nobel has officially launched its Global Image Solutions team, which has been set up to target multinational companies who are undergoing brand changes and require a range of coating products from different business units.

By activating synergies across the company's Coatings business, a convenient "one stop shop" is being offered to these customers to supply all their coating needs.

"Our unique selling point is that you can do everything via one contact," explains Global Image Solutions' Business Development Manager, Peter Langford. "You don't need to deal with different companies and business units. We've got something they need that they can't find anywhere else."

Global Image Solutions consists of three full-time employees, supported by three part-time members, who together represent all of the company's Coatings businesses.

The team is fully equipped to work with international companies in sectors as diverse as petrochemicals, logistics, hotel and leisure, and motor manufacturing and retail. They are also developing relationships with leading European and U.S. design agencies and sign manufacturers.

Source: Akzo Nobel

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