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Global Clariant Initiative to Offer Improved Sustainability to the Paper Industry

Published on 2010-10-01. Author : SpecialChem

Clariant's new initiative designed to support efforts by its customers in the paper industry to improve the sustainability of their own products and manufacturing processes will provide certified products, expertise and relevant safety data.

Clariant takes a holistic approach focused on the requirements of papermakers and addresses trends in the consumer and supplier markets. The idea of sustainability is one of the key drivers behind the development and improvement of all products, solutions and processes:

  • Products: Clariant continuously innovates to make its paper dyes and chemicalsmore ecological friendly and higher performing. The dyes and chemicals undergotesting by independent laboratories for external certification and are provenregarding their compliance with international standards.
  • Solutions: The services of Clariant's paper experts help customers to optimize theirmanufacturing operations in order to reduce water and energy consumption,improve machine runnability, minimize waste, and improve cost-effectiveness.
  • Processes: In its internal operations and business conduct, Clariant pursues an openand clearly defined environment, health and safety focus. Focused initiatives suchas Energy2010 or AvoidingAccidents@Clariant have shown significantimprovements in energy consumption and workplace safety.

Clariant offers more than 140 dyes, optical brightening agents (OBAs) and chemicals which are in line with EU Ecolabel "EU Flower" for copying and graphic paper. A similar number of products are compliant with Nordic Swan eco-label requirements certified by ISEGA. Many products have been developed in line with standards and recommendations for food contact applications (FDA and BfR), and with the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Adherence to safety standards and obtaining supporting certification is of particular importance for the food packaging and hygiene markets; both key focus areas for Clariant. Clariant offers many industry-leading solutions which address the sustainability issues faced by papermakers today, for example:

  • Clariant's liquid sulfur dye range Diresul® P is well known in the market owing to its enhanced ecological profile combined with economic and industrial safety benefits. The very low level of sulfide in Diresul P (less than 0.3%) prevents the danger of undesirable release of hydrogen sulfide during acidification. Waste waters are colorless despite the high coverage and light fastness.
  • Leucophor® A, AF and AS liquid disulpho optical brighteners give the papermaker the convenience of a true liquid product without the need to use urea or other solubilizing auxiliaries. Clariant's disulpho liquids can be used in combination with its urea-free hexasulpho liquids such as Leucophor SAC and Leucophor VHR to enable papermakers to reach the highest whiteness levels.
  • Dye fixation without the loss of brilliance or affecting the shade is a complex issue. Clariant offers a broad range of products designed to all fixation challenges. For example, Cartafix® SWE is especially designed for achieving brilliant shades and does not contain formaldehyde. This fixative has food contact compliance BfR XXXVI, offers good light fastness properties and ensures colorless process waters.
  • Cartabond® MZI and KZI, certified for food packaging products, improve the wet surface strength of coated paper. They display a favorable eco-toxic profile and save time and money by reducing the cleaning needs of offset printing presses.
  • The EPA-award winning product Cartaspers® PSM is a nonionic, highly biodegradable, hydrophilic polymer with high affinity for hydrophobic surfaces. It was designed by Clariant for control of "stickies" in the paper-making process. By spraying this FDA-compliant product onto wires, felts and guide roles it keeps the machine clean and increases speed and output.

The section "Sustainability" on Clariant's new website will give customers a further reference source regarding this key business priority and provide customers with access to the latest product safety information and news to assist their sustainability approvals and efficiency-improving measures. "We are constantly striving to help our customers meet the challenges of today's paper market. Sustainability affects the whole sector, from raw material suppliers to the paper end user," comments Helmut Wagner, Global Head of Business Unit Paper Specialities. "Clariant's Sustainability Concept is our commitment towards our customers to continuously innovate and improve our products and services. Whether ensuring our own products are high performing, that our processes operate with sustainability in mind, or helping to facilitate customers' sustainability approvals, the Sustainability Concept focuses Clariant's efforts to create value in this important area of business."

About Clariant:

Clariant is a global leader in the field of specialty chemicals. Strong business relationships, commitment to outstanding service and wide-ranging application know-how make Clariant a preferred partner for its customers. Clariant, which is represented on five continents with over 100 group companies, employs around 17,300 people. Headquartered in Muttenz near Basel, Switzerland, it generated sales of CHF 6.6 billion in 2009. Clariant is organized into ten Business Units: Additives; Detergents & Intermediates; Emulsions; Industrial & Consumer Specialties; Leather Services; Masterbatches; Oil & Mining Services; Paper Specialties; Pigments; and Textile Chemicals. Clariant is committed to sustainable growth, which is derived from its own innovative strength. Clariant's worldclass products and services play a key role in its customers' manufacturing processes and add value to their end products. The company's success is based on the know-how of its people and their ability to identify new customer needs at an early stage and to work together with customers to develop innovative, efficient solutions.

Source: Clariant

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