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Glitzy Rolls to command the Geneva Motor Show - with black Glasurit mat-effect paints from Münster

Published on 2007-03-12. Author : SpecialChem

Münster/ Geneve/ Brand -- The traditional and venerable Geneva Motor Show hosted to a world premiere with the project "Conquistador". The German car-tuning company Mansory presented a Rolls Royce Phantom finished with BASF Coatings' Glasurit black mat-effect paints. The interest of the international media and the automotive industry was great. The classy sedan was prepared for its appearance at the motor show at the Mansory headquarters in Brand, a town near Bayreuth, Germany. On Press Day, the Rolls made its world premiere. In Geneva the designer of BASF Coatings, Michaela Finkenzeller, said in a first statement: "An extraordinary car with a spectacular design."

It took one year from the conception of the idea to the realization of the project. "We stand for individual solutions and lifestyle in the high-end tuning sector. We're implementing these high standards in the Rolls Royce Phantom," explains Kourosh Mansory, who has had over 20 years of experience in the area of car tuning. He worked in the UK for years, which explains his affinity for British luxury cars. In addition to the Rolls, he has specialized in tuning makes such as Bentley or Aston Martin. The work on the luxury cars takes place in rather inconspicuous warehouses in the unassuming village of Brand. Mansory specifically chose Glasurit and Claus Wohlleben as partners. "This is the international big league here," says Mansory, "not the minors." His success speaks for itself: "Our customers are from all over the world, especially regions like Asia, North America, and Europe." It goes without saying that his cars are featured at shows in Japan and the US, and at leading shows in Europe. And it's no wonder that stars of stage and screen, whose names he would rather not disclose, rely on cars tuned by Mansory. By the way, the black mat finished Rolls won't be presented in Münster, which Glasurit was hoping for. The reason is simple: The car has already been sold. As soon as the motor show closes its doors, the Rolls will be going to its new owner, a sheikh in Abu Dhabi.

The top-secret project "Rolls Phantom", which will not be unveiled in its ultimate state of perfection until the first day of the Geneva Motor Show, is a test of craftsmanship. For instance, lighted trim strips, pull-out folding tables, multi-media equipment, a refrigerator, a combined alcantara and leather interior, door tread lighting, illuminated carbon trim strips, and hand-crafted and forged 24-inch hubcaps are all details featured by the Rolls, just to name a few.

Glasurit paints from Münster are the icing on the cake

The finish is big league as well. Wohlleben and his team spent exactly 303 hours sanding, applying surfacer, and painting the entire body, including all the add-on parts and the hubcaps. "We're setting true standards," says Wohlleben.The mat-effect paints are two-component clearcoats.The key difference between Glasurit 923-55 Clear mat and standard automotive paint is the addition of a matting effect, as well as the Glasurit 929-93 hardener."We need to keep in mind that mat-effect paints are special-effect paints.That means that currently the paint is applied by hand, calling for a high level of craftsmanship and careful handling.

Wohlleben assigned four members of his team to the Rolls Royce project, knowing that the job would keep them busy for a week. The dissembled add-on parts were separately prepped and painted. The original black glossy finish was lightly sanded. The golden stripe, the Rolls Phantom's trademark, was removed and surfacer applied to smooth out uneven spots. Then the paint was applied, followed by a layer of clearcoat. After another round of sanding, a layer of clearcoat mat was added. The Rolls' interior and exterior were painted, including the insides of the doors and the trunk lid. When it came to the mirrors, the radiator grille, and the trim strips, the initial plans had to be tweaked. They received a coat of silver mat instead of black mat. "The combination of silver mat with the black mat finish of the body is absolutely ravishing," says Wohlleben.

Source: BASF

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