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Glasurit Celebrates Its 110th Birthday

Published on 2008-10-28. Author : SpecialChem

"Glasurit" brand is celebrating its birthday. Exactly 110 years ago, in 1898, the "Glasurit" brand name was registered. The names stands for "glaze-like hard coating" , communicating a crucial quality characteristic of the paints originally produced by Max Winkelmann.

Three birthdays in one

The story of the Glasurit brand started 120 years ago in Hamburg, where merchant Max Winkelmann opened his business with paints and lacquers back in 1888. In a matter of 10 years, the products from Winkelmann's business were so successful and so numerous, that the he decided to market them under a single brand name. And that marked the birth of Glasurit.

The rapidly growing fledgling company quickly reached its capacity. In 1903, a piece of real estate near a canal, railway and road in the town of Münster-Hiltrup became the paint factory's new site - and has served as the company's home ever since. Exactly five years later, in 1908, the company (after its foundation and the launch of its brand name) celebrated its third birthday by becoming a public limited company.

From paint business to global player

Today, Glasurit looks back at 120 years of history. It has been sold under its distinctive trademark - the parrot - since 1925. These days, Glasurit appears on the market as a global player and one of the world's leading manufacturers for automotive repair paints.

Source: Glasurit

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